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hare krishna,

           we are Practicing Vaidhi Bhakti as of Now Following 4 regulative principles & Chanting a Minimum of 16 rounds everyday , say one is doing it for 15 years or so , when does he /She Enter into raganuga bhakti , how to get into it .

And pls define raganuga bhakti Exactly? what sadhana one does in raganuga bhakti if one does.

Kindly Forgive me if i have Asked  Something Inappropriate

Your servant


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  • I think the only position we can take in regard to the great Raga-Marga devotees is to worship them and beg for their mercy. Raganuga Bhakti is only given by the causeless mercy of the Lord. We can't aspire for it. Hare Krsna. Gaura-Haribol. < 3
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji,

    Hare Krishna,

    The moment you expected something in return for the chanting done.. It will turn into business. not love.

    In love there is selfless giving only no expectations.. no ending only endless bhakti.

    Raganuna is highest stage of bhakti purest love.

    Does a mother think when feeding her child her breast milk that this boy would grow up become big give buy me a car .. OKay now a days parents are becoming very diplomatic and they keep expectations from children..that child should become doctor engineer should go to USA settle there send money take them to USA ....they are doing comparisons with their neighbors children and taunting their children to get good marks become like them... 

    Does a cow while feeding it calf think or expect something in return from its calf??

    When you reach that stage you stop all expectations and simply give love.  When you get to that level it is raganuga bhakti. This stage can be had since the beginning of life called as spontaneous like great people who developed prema for lord since birth or may develop at a later stage of life when they realize that they have some relationship with Lord.

    There is a line.. Insaan mohobbat mein insaan nahi rehta..

    YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS. WHEN the love for some one is so much that the person forgets his own existence in that.. SO WHERE IS THE FALSE EGO IN HIM ANYMORE. HE completely lost himself in love. If you Love Krishna to that extent where you forgot about your own self. ..example was those gopi's they forgot that they had some family, they forgot that they would be ridiculed in the society, they forgot that about children, the forgot to decorate themselves properly., some came running at night to the forest didn't know their upper cloth going somewhere.. didn't care for the dress also

    This stage can be attain by does who are practicing Bhakti yoga and vaidhi bhakti also.

    Provided  the anartha nivritti happened completely with you.

    Lust, anger, greed, pride , arrogance, envy, jealousy... these all should go off within our system itself completely erased.

    The person in raganuga bhakti will not react to anything. He is lost himself in love what he will want anymore from the society. Neither craves respect from any one nor does he feel connected to this world. All the time he is with lord. He doesn't have connections with the mortal world anymore.

    Anarthas of of different types.--

    Four types of anarthas have been mentioned, namely:
    1. those arising from previous sinful activity – duskrtottha
    2. those arising from previous pious activity – sukrtottha
    3. those arising from offenses against the Holy Name – aparadhottha
    4. those arising from cultivation of bhakti – bhakty-uttha

    The four types of anarthas have five stages of anartha-nivritti (nullification):
    1. partial – eka-desa-varttini
    2. pervasive – affecting many anarthas – bahu-desa-varttini
    3. almost complete – prayiki
    4. complete – purna
    5. absolute – atyantiki

    when each annarth mentioned above reaches it absolute stage. then the soul is said to be in Nishta stage. ( firm fixing on the Krishna takes place).

    the stages...partial removal of anartha should got absolute removal of anarthas to from bhajana kriya stage to the prema/associate in the leela of krishna stage.

    refer to this chart. 

    We can analyse at what stage we are in. we have in us all this lust, greed anger jealousy pride arrogance in which stage???

    ofcourse none of us has completely eradicated all these in us completely...

    so It will take time for us... everyone is at various stages of anartha nivrittti..

    I think one life is not enough for this... It is a life time project.. 

    Hare Krishna.


    • Really Nice Reply mataji , I Can Now know where i am and can reflect on it Now :)

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    say one is doing it for 15 years or so , when does he /She Enter into raganuga bhakti 

    When one is completely, always and only situated in Prema or the final stage of Bhakti. 

    how to get into it

    There are 9 stages of Bhakti or devotional service. Consider them like 9 standards of school. So to be in 9th standard, one has to successfully complete 8th standard. 

    what sadhana one does in raganuga bhakti if one does

    There is no concept of sadhana.

    Hare Krsna

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna prabhuji,


    You have not asked anything inappropriate prabhuji. What I know is - it is possible to directly go to raganuga bhakti. Raganuga, as against vaidhi bhakti, is spontaneous, much more intense. Its the bhakti of Mirabai, King Kulasekhara....unstoppable, cannot be pretended.

    To do raganuga bhakti, one sets one's goal very very clear. Suppose you are in madhurya rasa, you will choose the gopi and the mood of that gopi that you want to follow. Devotees in raganuga bhakti cannot be bound by rules, 16 and 4 regs are nothing for them. They are at a much higher level. They fix their minds on one form of KRsna, say Gokul Krsna. Then they don't even settle for Vrindavan Krsna. They want that newborn baby form of Krsna only to pray to, to relate to, to satisfy them.

    I am not able to explain very clearly prabhuji. This is what I know.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Excuse me for saying this Didi but I think the implication that Mirabai was a Ragunaga Bhakta is a little misleading. The poems that are attributed to her by her followers are clearly in the Prakrta-Sahajiya quarter (contemplation of the Mode of Union, considering Krsna one's husband, ect...). I think She herself was a perfectly plain and noble Vaishnava but I think this idea can create confusion; especially for young devotee girls! ;3. Hare Krsna.
    • Thanks mataji for your reply , really helpful .

  • Can someone Enlighten me on this

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