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I don't know whether i am right or wrong but more dan foreighners indians needs knowledge about Krishna "the lord almighty". i have seen lots of spoiled out generation i want dem to be in KC .... wat you all think about it?????

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  • hare krishna to all prabhu ji's and mataji's ......... please understand that the topic which i rose is only one catchy slogan so dat one can pay attention and give dere valuable sugestion...... n yes i know dat everyone is in shelter of lord almighty .... but in my opinion i vl feel very glad if i smhow make a a little change so dat not only d ISCKON  but the whole worldwill be chanting d same name as dere entrnal father...... i feel smhow guilty while i luk at people at non KC .. its not like forcing dm to be in KC but atleast we can try ... we all r surrounded vd lots of people so i just want some simple and straight suggestions by which i can xplain dm (a few of dm ) abt krishna ........ and please no issues with cast and country ... please dnt rose ds topic.......i just want to know how one can make othrs in KC...... hare  krishna.. hope you all understand this time ...

    • Hare Krishna, Jai Shri Krishna,

      ..... through Bhagavat Gita classes, organizing religious cultural programme on Shri krishna and giving speech on Shri krishna, organizing kirtana and satsang, sending e-mails to various & adding contacts, posting url in various website, posting videos in youtube, rediff like website, while in discussion, telling some relevant slokas from Gita, make a lifestyle with the preaching of Gita and concentration mind on shri krishna conciousness! there is no need to procelytyze as others do , we will have to make ourself instanceable and will have to be purely honest in our activities, others will be motivated when we r taking initiative! maximum hindus want vedic or Gita culture in mind but they do not find the initiation, once they find someone is doing it, we easily get their moral support!

      • hare krishna santunu prabhu ji......... thank you so much for these valuable suggesstions ..i wiil keep it in mind........... hari bol

  • ||Hare Krishna humble pranAms to all bhagavAn devotees||

    Acharya SankarAcharya, the proponent of Advaita has gave a beautiful couplet as below.

    ||mAthAscha pArvathi dEvI pitA dEvO mahEsvaRA

    bAndhaVa siva-bhakthAscha svadEsho bhuvanathrayam ||

    The above means that though as a sanyAsin he is free from the varnAshramic society, he considers parvathi devi and mahesvara as his parents, siva bhakthAs his relatives and the entire world his nation/country.

    So, Francis prabhu, it is only the passports and tax collectors that differentiate us as citizens from different countries, but for Krishna we all belong to Him and therefore we are all the same family :-)

    As for your feeling that India needs more of KC, it is indeed a true expectation that needs to be met by India and its future generations as it has been the host nation for vedas, sanatana dharma and scriptures.

    • Thank you for saying that prabhu, Hare Krishna.

  • Hare Krishna!! Sisshartha Prabhuji,

                                                       Forgive me,but, you are not reading it in context of the essence of the whole para.Why do we chant 'Hare Krishna,Hare Krishna,Krishna,Krishna ,Hare ,Hare........'? Hare means Shri Krishna's internal Energy Radha rani.We always say Hare Rama. This  is said again and again that we must approach The Supreme Personality of God Head Shri Krishna through his first devotee that is Radha rani. In the same way Laxmi - Narayana.What I meant by surrendering to Yog maya Shakti is that we have no other way,but to approach Shri Krishna but through His Supreme Energies.We are all bound by our Prarabdhas and as jiva we have to perform all our karmas through the material body made of Maya tattva.Only by constant awareness of Shri Krishna we can cut the bondage of Moha & Maya.Moha is due to our ignorance,due to which we consider the temporary maya as parmanent,or we try to make it permanent.Only when we finally understand that it cannot be controlled by us(We can control our sensory organs to some extent but not completely.Try controlling or stopping your breath ,and you will see.)then we surrender to it.Then, we realize that it is in the control of Shri Krishna.With this divine Knowledge the same Maya is to be seen as divine Yog Maya Shakti.We have Navaratra when every one is engaged in devotional ecstacy of Ma Durga.In the end I am writting one sanskrit prayer:  ' Aum Sadchidananda, Parabramha,Purushottam,Paramatma.Shri Bhagawati sameta Shri Bhagawate namaha.' Always remember Radhe-Shyam,Laxmi-Narayan & so on.

             If I have offended you by my views kindly forgive me as I am not yet fully self realized devotee.I have a long way to go,but ,I am sure Shri Krishna will bless us all as we are all trying to clean our minds of the darkness of ignorance. Hare Krishna!!  

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  • no, it shud not be as if name changed to Indian.., then it will loose its relevance to be in international society or in every foreign country! name is o.k. , if required, another branch can be opened as HINDU SOCIETY FOR KRISHNA CONCIOUSNESS(HISKCON)! while ISKCON will concentrate to approach to all members of society in india or abroad , HISKCON will only work for Hindus to unite under one tree!


    • What is a Hindu?

  • Prabhuji,

    1. Forgive me, but, what I meant by saying that 'we should surrender to Shri Krishna's  Yog Maya Shakti' is that we are all the time forgetful of Shri Krishna and identified with the body as self.Maya is unsurmountable .The only way we can overcome the power of Maya is by constantly remembering that it is in control of Paramatma Shri Krishna.We must also remember always that Shakti is in control Sarva Shaktiman Shri Krishna and never apart or seperate from Him.With this constant awareness and absolute knowledge of Shri Krishna we must not try to control Maya.Maya is said to be 'Duratyayi' ( Not possible to be controlled by any one except by its absolute owner Shri Krishna).With my all humility ,I submit to you Prabhu you are right  when you say that it has to be total surrender to Shri Krishna only.But, we must realize that surrendering to Yog Maya Shakti means surrendering to Shri Krishna with His internal and external Energies which are His integral part and never exist without Him.Shri Radha Raniji is the closest to His heart.Shri Laxmiji is always at His feet as His first devotee.We must try to surrender to a bonafide fully surrendered devotee as that is the way Shri Krishna wants us to serve Him.Forgive me ,if I am wrong and guide me to improve my devotion.                                                                                                      Hare Krishna!!     
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