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Is it essential to do parikrama of Giriraj Govardhan ji with bare feet.

Hare Krishna!

I read somewhere that we should do the parikrama of Govardhan ji with bare feet. If someone has some skin problem, is it essential for him to do parikrama of Govardhanji with bare feet. Can he do the parikrama with slippers or sandal?

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once i was doing parikrama with slippers and one braj vasi boy laughingly instructed me we should not use footwear while doing parikrama i felt it is true and after that i removed slipper for some time but again i felt to put on i did.

for me prabhu i tried my best because of my health issues it is our love for krishna which will push us to do austarity and krishna is not hard boss who always wants things in his way he is best of lover that means he can forgive anyhting.

parikrama should make our relation more stronger may we can't stand to higher standards but atleast we are trying in possible ways. devotees have great love for krishna and i m not devotee i m just trying to pretend and many of them keep guiding me always i respect thier views but i know i can't come to thier standards, u pls bless me prabhu.

sincere regards,nilesh


usually our feet are not as strong as native people of Govardhan. But even though we did parikrama with bear feet. and at the end some of our feet started to bleed or appeared some watery things which is very painful. 

At the end of the parikrama i could not tolerate the pain and wear the soaks not slippers. As Nilesh Prabhu told Krishna wants to see our efforts to please Him.

But if You have really serious problems then i think better to use intelligence and act according time, place and circumstances.

For example, in Navadvip Mandala Parkirama senior Devotees told us not to wear slippers. I did so one day. And that day roads were hot plus walking was very dangerous because of some stones...whole my consciousness was not on Kirtan and on dancing or in the lecture but on my burning feet. Then next day did parikrama with slippers and it was ecstatic: Kirtans, dance ...

Your servant, 

very nice reply...may SRI GAURANGA bless u


We are unfortunately born and brought up in cities and are not as healthy as these vrajavasis are. It is tru that one should not do parikrama with shoe/slippers, but we need to be practical. What is more important is to complete the parikrima with love and devotion to Giriraj than to artificially try and renounce it. Last year when we went for yatra during Karthik, my feets had too much cracks already due to cold weather of vrindavan and if I were to walk in hot sun on the govardana roads, I would have to leave the rest of the yatra and come back home! So, I decided to walk with my chapples on and begged for forgiveness to Giriraj.

It is very much like going in prayer rooms of our homes. If you wear Slippers / sandals / Chappals inside then you can certainly wear those in parikrama marg.

And I hope the same is practiced in Iskcon temples as well that if i am having some trouble in my feet then I should be allowed to wear my sandals / slippers till inside.

I know krishna won't mind it, but the followers would certainly. 


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