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I came across these lines:

The entity that says, "I must be free of greed" is also greed. It is a negative form of emphasis on the 'me'.
So long as we enjoy it, there is no problem, but the moment it becomes painful we want to resist it. That resistance is what we call discipline.
There must be a quiet mind with depth to understand anything which my mind cannot fathom. The superficial mind is not capable of adaptability, pliability, sensitivity.
A mind is made dull by compulsion.
Discipline is merely conformity to a pattern of action through fear. We are afraid of not getting what we want.
Discipline is a process of decay. In discipline the inward conflict is hidden away; but it is there, burning.
Habit cannot be productive of intelligence.
The imitation is called discipline. We imitate in order to receive what another has.
There must be freedom for discovery. Freedom cannot come through discipline. Freedom can only come into being with intelligence. Intelligence is awakened the moment you see that any form of compulsion denies freedom.

Just wanted to know the perspectives of Krishna devotees on this.

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  • Hare Krishna Jayram Prabhuji,

    Discipline should be present in everyone's life otherwise life becomes very difficult. Without hard work and proper goal setting one cannot achieve what he/she wants and for doing the hard work and being consistent with our work everyday, we need discipline. 

    Not following discipline will only harm us. For example: People who do not follow traffic rules may end up doing accidents. Some people drink and drive, some drive very fast, some take take shortcuts and take the short lane. There are numerous examples which we all know. Some people follow and still accidents occur but probability is very less in such cases. People who follow rules and be in discipline are better than people who are not disciplined. Being careless will not give success and will never help us in life.

    Prabhuji one life is not too big to experience everything. We need to learn from the experiences of others. The term "Freedom" which you have used is a very broad term. Freedom is different for everyone in life. It depends on person to person. What i call freedom might be different from what you consider freedom. When India was ruled by Mughals and Britishers, our nation required freedom since the citizens of our country were suffering. In that case freedom would have been good. But if for someone smoking is freedom, he/she will suffer for their sins and it will hurt them only. So degree of freedom also depends and our intentions matter as well. If our intentions are bad, then every freedom related to it is bad. If our intentions are good, freedom given will depend upon person to person. Freedom should be dependent on situation and person as well. If a person is not capable of performing an activity and if we give him/her freedom even though their intention is good it will ultimately harm. 

    We all had been into discipline since childhood. If you try to teach a 3 year old kid to study, he/she will resist. This is because the kid wants to play and freedom for the kid is playing.But if the parent gives the kid the freedom, the kid will never learn anything and will only want to play. The parent has to push the kid and make him/her disciplined. If a work requires 10 hours to be completed and if i dedicate 6 hours only i will not be able to complete the work because freedom for me was playing and so I was unable to complete the task.

    Also intelligence is not always attained via freedom. We can become intelligent by reading and knowing from people. If we have read that consuming alcohol is harmful, then we do not need to get freedom by breaking the rules, experiencing  it and then suffering because of it. For some people this is freedom.

    If there is no discipline in classroom, kids will not listen to the teacher and no one will attend school and college except for a few serious students. Those serious students will also attend because they are disciplined in their lives and clear about their goal. If there is no discipline in army, the soldiers will not be able to protect our country efficiently because the attacks can happen anytime even in midnight. Soldiers of our country do not sleep at night so that we can sleep peacefully. Had there been no discipline in them, they would have never sacrificed so much for us. This is all because of strict discipline of army which they follow everyday in their lives they are able to protect all of us. I think I don't need to elaborate further about army. We all should know the importance of discipline and should incorporate in our day to day lives.

    • Yes, college and schools are for disciplined students. But not every child need school education, they can learn from their parents, grandparents, relatives or friends. When they will have the instinct to earn the money, they will themselves learn the necessary skills. The current educational system is not healthy.

      Yes, the army is for disciplined people. But as soon as discipline becomes a burden for them, they should immediately leave that profession and join some other institute or find some other profession, where they can contribute in a better and more natural way.

    • If you understand that alcohol is harmful, there is no need to try it. But if you don't understand it, then you must be given freedom to try, experience, suffer, learn and finally understand it yourself. All rules and regulations have been made by human beings for their own convenience. There is nothing morally wrong in consuming alcohols. You have your own idea of getting happiness and she has her own. If rules and regulations are suffocating us instead of making our life peaceful, then it's better to break those rules and find your own way of happiness.

      • I do not agree with you. Many people who consume alcohol and come under its influence spoil their own health and relations. This might lead to severe accidents as well. people who drink and drive have killed people in the past. Why to take risk and harm others as well along with you just for the sake of some so called temporary freedom?

        Plus consuming alcohol is bad as told in gita as well. It spoils the consciousness of a person and the person fails to take appropriate decision in life once he/she comes under it's influence. Several relations have been spoilt because of alcohol. Plus your health too gets spoilt. You may do severe crimes if you are consuming alcohol.

    • IMO, Parents should not force their children to study. Knowledge is everywhere. By studying a book you just get theoretical knowledge, which is of no use in real life. When a child plays with her friends, she learns the trick to handle real-life situations.

      Peace is the most important. When we feel the urgency of being disciplined, we lose the peace of mind and in such situations, we will not be able to perform the task in 12 hours which requires only 8 hours. But If we really understand the necessity and importance of the work and I have a clear vision that my work will affect and put a positive impact on the lives of others including myself, then I will become interested in my work. And when you are really interested in your work, you may finish it in 4 hours even if it required 8 hours. SLOW IS SMOOTH and SMOOTH IS FAST.

    • You can help a person develop his personality by only trusting her. Yes, she may not be capable in the beginning, but if she has faith in herself then maybe after some failures, she will surely be able to perform the required task. Just remember everyone has potential and if someone is interested in something, we should never judge her capability and also we should never stop her.

    • Intentions are never bad, it may be selfish for time being. But If you really love someone you should give them the freedom to enjoy in whatever way they feel even if their intentions are selfish. That moment will surely come when the other person will realize your love and return back to you. When we enforce rules and regulations on our beloved for their well-being, we are actually not loving but being possessive. 

      We all are hunting pleasures. Yes, I agree you have a better understanding that how you will get the real pleasure. And others are neophytes, they need your guidance and your love. They will be inspired by your love and not by your beliefs. 

      Everyone is pure by nature. For time being they themselves have forgotten their real nature just to enjoy and experience it's grander self. Let them enjoy.

      There are also seekers, share with them your own opinion, but please never enforce it on them. Otherwise, things will turn unhealthy and unnatural.

      • Prabhuji i think you are addressing the situation as a very niche problem. You should look the problem as a whole and not focus on one aspect. Not everyone is good by nature in this world. People who rape and bully other people have no good intention they just want their own pleasure. Well to be honest this is something bad and should not accepted. We cannot give freedom to everyone. All of them know the consequences as well. But still they do it. There are certain people who do not care about whatever you say they will keep on doing the same mistake again and again no matter how much you try and explain them. Just like the pakistan's government and their terrorist groups. No mater how much you try, they will keep on attacking. In such situations, we cannot give them freedom to do what they want to. They feel they are doing right because they are brainwashed. If we give them freedom we will not be able to survive because they will kill all of us. So rules and regulations are important in life which need to be followed.

    • I guess it's better to make people informed and give them the freedom to let them decide and choose from life whatever it offers to them. Discipline should never be enforced. Everyone has their own priorities in life. Not everyone fears from sufferings and death. The definition of success is not the same for all. For you, a peaceful life may be a successful life, but for others, it may not be true.

      • I can understand your opinion very well prabhuji. Well yeah one should know what he/she really wants from life. It's his/her choice. But the choices one takes should not harm or hurt anyone else. For example: People who rob think that this is what gives them happiness since its easy money for them. But the person being robbed feels very bad because its his/her hard earned money. Some bad people who rape girls know that this is very bad but still they do it. They know the consequences as well. We cannot give everyone freedom to do what they want to. Freedom does not mean one can do whatever he/she wants to do in life. There are some set of rules and regulations which we all need to follow at every stage of life otherwise if everyone starts doing what they want to then it will be difficult. There are different kinds of people on earth with different mentalities. Freedom cannot be granted to anyone just like that in all matters of life.

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