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Hare Krishna!! PAMHO
Many times we ignore our pending rounds...and keep it for the future and we never complete it. Sometimes we lack the enthusiasm to chant our daily rounds...or we lack the determination to complete it. Just to take care of our japa (which decides our 99% of spiritual progress), devotees have created a software with great difficulty, so that our sadhana should remain stable and consistent.

Please INSPIRE others and GET INSPIRED with JAPA CARE.

oh! thank you very much prabhuji.. :) Actually I am not the admin of this site...but I can surely forward your valuable feedback to the devotee who is in charge. Again thank you very much. :)

Hare Krishna devotees. Now u can also enter your japa rounds through SMS by registering urself in

U will get daily alerts via SMS...for reminding you about the japa entry.


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