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Pranam dearest devotee. Hare Krishna.
1. Why judge people ? They are who they are and we are
who we are. Why not judge ourselves ? This is better.
2. We can observe regularly what thoughts we entertain in the mind
and judge whether they are bad thoughts or pure thoughts.
3. We can also observe regularly what feelings we have in our consciousness
and see if they are feelings of envy, jealousy, grudge, malice, hate,
or feelings of goodness, humility, kindness, generosity and love.
4. So, we should love people instead of judging them.
5. Pray to Lord Krishna to bless them, to protect them, to shower His mercy
upon them, to fill their life with peace and love; patience and perseverance;
appreciation and gratefulness; simplicity and humility and kindness
and generosity. And you can think of more things to ask the Lord to
bless them with.
With love and best wishes.
Take care, bye.

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Pranam Dearest Devotee. Hare Krishna.

1. If you observe carefully, certain kind of work only requires a little concentration, so we can chant while doing that work;

examples are:- cleaning the kitchen; cooking; washing the pots and dishes; tidying the rooms; washing the clothes; hanging out clothes to dry; sorting out clothes; ironing the clothes; cleaning bathroom and toilet; doing the gardening; cleaning the floors; etc.

2. One can also chant when sitting as a passenger in a car, bus, train, etc. Also while sitting in one`s garden, having a rest.

3. One has to use one`s intelligence, to see which work is easy, and requires little concentration; and which work is technical and requires total concentration. 

With love and best wishes.

Take care, bye.




All glories to the saintly persons than make all the organization

of the music, text and format.

Thanks, Mother Padmavati for you excellent devotional service.

Hare Krsna!!!





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