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The famous American scientist Dr. David R. Hawkins cooperated with the Nobel Prize winner in physics, using the basic principles of human kinematics, combined with the use of sophisticated physics instruments, and after nearly thirty years of long-term scientific experiments , Accumulating millions of data and materials, and discovered a chart about the energy level of human consciousness hidden in this world.

David Hawkins found that according to this chart, human consciousness can be mapped to the frequency range of the energy field from 1 to 1000, which is divided into 17 energy levels. The consciousness energy level range of 1 to 600 represents the psychological experience and energy field strength of the vast majority of humans. This consciousness energy level chart is the basis for the quantitative measurement of human energy levels on which life energy management is based.

The energy level of consciousness is at 200 hours, which is the demarcation point of the energy state of a person. Any state of consciousness that causes the vibration frequency of human consciousness energy to be lower than 200 (20,000 Hz) will weaken life; and the increase in frequency from 200 to 1000 will gradually increase the power of life. Therefore, the consciousness energy with a scale value of 200 is defined as the positive and negative boundary of human consciousness energy. In short, a person with a consciousness level higher than 200 is a positive energy person, and a person with a consciousness level lower than 200 is a negative energy person. The vast majority of people in this world are people whose energy level is below 200.

From below 200 to above 200, it is a huge energy level jump. Leaping over 500 is another huge energy level jump. People with an energy level of 600 already have a very powerful energy field that can affect thousands of people. More than 600 people are already rare on the earth, and the frequency of 700-1000 is the energy level for enlightenment and enlightenment. The consciousness energy frequency of 1000 is called the will or spirit of God, which is the frequency of absolute power. In the thousands of years of human history, people with a consciousness level of 1,000 are extremely rare, and only a few people have appeared on the earth. For these great Buddhas and gods who came to mankind, David Hawkins believes that the term "Lord" is most appropriate. They are historical-Lord Sakyamuni Buddha, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Laozi... In addition, it is the mysterious future Buddha that came to this world in the special age of the current end of Dharma, and that mankind has been looking forward to for thousands of years. He is quietly leading all sentient beings on the earth to get rid of the great disaster, and towards the future! His energy level of consciousness far exceeds 1200-this is the highest energy level allowed to be measured on earth today.

Energy level determines the value and achievement of a person's life!


David Hawkins collaborated with Nobel Prize-winning physicists. Through nearly 30 years of scientific research and experiments, the greatest significance is to reveal a cosmic secret that shocked the whole world-only those full of positive energy People and groups can do outstanding things; the energy level of consciousness and energy level of people and organizations determines the degree of their success; raising energy levels and improving the energy field are the most fundamental means to improve the quality of life and organizational effectiveness.

Physicists have long discovered that the essence of everything in the universe is energy. Therefore, the essence and source elements of all life are life energy. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the state and magnitude of life energy determine the process and quality of a life.

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A person's jump from below 200 to above 200 is a huge energy level jump, which can even change the destiny of a person's life. A large number of studies have proved that reaching an energy level of 250 is the beginning of a person's meaningful and smooth life; reaching an energy level of 250 is the beginning of a person having the opportunity to walk on the road to awakening and possibly gain awareness. Because this is the energy level at which a person begins to appear confident.

The energy level rising to 500 is a huge, extremely rare, and even sacred energy level transition for people in any field. People who reach this level can begin to regard giving benevolence as one of the goals of life. They are people who have abandoned the secular goals of human society. For example, those great artists who devote themselves to artistic creation without asking for return and leave immortal works for mankind, those spiritual mentors who are dedicated to helping more people awaken, and those who Those who realize the interests of others as their own goals, those who are truly on track on the path of spiritual practice... belong to this energy level. At a level higher than 500, a person's own spiritual awakening and promoting the awakening of others have become the salient features of life mission.


However, the statistical results of a large amount of data show that under normal circumstances, a person's energy field will not change much throughout his life. If it was not triggered by a major event, or if it was not guided by an expert or master, the consciousness energy level of the vast majority of people in this world would not increase by more than 5 points throughout their lives. In other words, if there is no chance to enlighten and awaken from ignorance, it is basically difficult for a person to have much chance to adjust the fate of one's birth and failure.

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