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    Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


    Sorry for the late response. I was not having access to internet past 10-12 days.

    I understand your predicament. There are marriage websites for devotees. Please register, giving complete details. Regularly scan other profiles and contact as per the process of the website.

    Secondly, please attach yourself to the local ISKCON temple - people in that temple and the congregation must know you. I have had people approach me to find suitable boy/ girl for themselves, but they refuse to attach themselves to the local congregation. Like you said, website is not enough. Word of mouth is very important in devotee circles. 

    Thirdly, please approach your local ISKCON temple and find out if they have a marriage bereau. If yes, please register there also. If you have contacts in other ISKCON temples, you can forward your biodata there also.

    I understand it is frustrating to look for a devotee match. I have gone through the process and got married through a website only, so I can vouch that websites work. What works is essentially the mercy. Above all, keep praying to Krsna - if you think I can make progress by getting married, my purpose of marriage is that both of us together progress on our journey towards You, please send me a devotee match as soon as possible. Its ok to pray for marraige - so many matajis of initial ISKCON have mentioned in their talks that they prayed to Krsna to send them a good devotee match. You can pray to guru and Gauranga. 

    Cant resist giving some free advise - even devotee marriages  are made on earth, and one has to put efforts towards making it work. Please do full background search and compatibility checks before deciding to take the plunge. 

    Best of luck.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Hmm..Hare Krishna,  Sorry I am a bit sarcastic. forgive me!

    gambhir samaysa.

    Ten years down you will be asking  How boring ! how to run away from this marriage..?

    Don't worry it happens with everyone.

    I would say.. waiting is fun.

    "The fun part of waiting in line in front of a doctor's office.. ( Krishna ke darbaar mein) getting to know what diseases ( problems) people in front of me have"

    When you know the difference between merry and marry, then it is right time to get married. 

    Hare Krishna.

  • It is depending upon you if you want to success in spiritual life then srila Prabhupada said that all boys are need to become brahmachari and all women's need to marry so if you find that such a high level of vaishnavi then it is okk then the home is become pure and auspicious divine but now a days there are very rare to find such a high level devotees 

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