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  • Hare Krishna 

    Dandvat Pranam 

    Please take prashadam as your body needs.

    If your body wants to take more than two meals then take it.

    According to scriptures taking the Prashadam is also the great service.

    Only fortunate soals take prashadam.

    If you take nice prashadam then you will do nice service.

    Prabhupad always told to jaypataka swami maharaj take prashadam as much as you want.

    Only take prashadam which offer to Krishna, do not eat other than prashadam.

    If Krishna wants you should take more meals then take it with out fear.

    Hare Krishna 

  • Try big meals instead of mini meals. You won't feel hungry every now and then.

  • in iskcon diet is not most important, most important is service to Lord ... prabhupad said u should adopt whatever diet helps you to do service nicely ... also different bodies have different character, ... u can see a good doctor, esp. one who does nadi-pariksha

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      Prabhuji, diet is important. Food is the best medicine. Heal yourself with good quality food. Doctors only give drugs and chemicals that have bad side effects like cancer and heart disease etc

      Average doctor smokes and drinks alcohol more than non doctors, and also dies 12 years sooner because of bad habits and stress. 

      If you are foolish enough to trust these modern charlatans, you are bound to follow them to the grave. 

      Eat only God made food, and unmodified food like Amaranth, Spelt, Quinoa grains

      Avoid Man made or modified, like rice, wheat, corn and of course all genetically modified organisms.

      • Thanks for your reply, prabhuji, by diet i was referring to the so called "iskcon diet format" which some think is eating only twice,  please read the question (i meant eating "only twice" is not important, as compared to eating sufficiently to stay healthy for service)  ... and I was referring to a good doctor who does nadi pariksha (ayurvedic), in fact, Mataji please tell your city, I may be able to find and tell you a nadi pariksha doctor, if you wish. They generally have very pure character and are able to tell your exact problems by sensing your pulse, even without you telling them anything ! And they give ayurvedic medicines

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          That is good to know prabhuji. Sorry I misunderstood your "ISKCON diet format". Thank you for clarifying. Yes, I do like the kind of doctors you are recommending. Thank you.

  • Metabolism play major part also, small meals actually throughout the day can be healthy.
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      Sounds like you are a bodybuilder. Only bodybuilders are adviced to eat throughout the day. For others, it will cause insulin response, and can lead to diabetes if practiced over decades.

  • Hare Krishna Mata ji,

     ---If you are idle you try to binge eat right. keep yourselves busy. 

    ---eat fresh fruit when you feel hungry instead of a meal.

    --many times you don't recognize that you are thirsty and confuse it to be hunger pangs. drink more water.

    ---Eat foods-- rich in fiber not carbs. fiber rich foods make you feel full for a longer intervals of time.( oat meal)

    --take protein food more than carbs. 

    --sleep well. sleep deprived people usually eat more..

    ---don't eat when you are reading something or watching something on tv. Eat with full consciousness.

    --Dont hurry while eating chew properly and enjoy the meal.

    --If you are depressed then you eat more. Check your selves  how is ur mood.

    -- have bananas to keep yourself full and to keep ur mood elevated. As banana produce serotonin mood elevating hormone.

    --have a good walk and do chanting keep urselves busy to remove ur mind from food cravings.

    -- always offer to lord before you eat.

    --consider having a CBP ( complete blood picture) to eliminate low levels of hemoglobin. Usually anemic people are tired, sluggish and binge more on carbs to get instant energy.

    --Check thyroid levels also.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Lots of thanks mataji ... really thank you

      Hare Krishna

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