How to begin reading Bhagavad Gita?

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Please accept my humble obeisances.

I have always been wanting to complete reading the Bhagavad Gita that was gifted by a devotee couple of years ago. Since then, every time I reach a stage where personal and professional life takes over spiritual life and the Bhagavad Gita reading gets hindered and then stops after few weeks/months. By the time I have sorted out things on personal and professional front, there has already been a gap of few weeks/months of not having read the Bhagavad Gita.

Due to this gap in reading, I again re-start the reading from the first chapter to avoid self-guilt but unfortunately I get tangled in the material life cycle again and it hinders my reading. This has been going on for quite some time and I have now reached a stage where I am unable to come to terms why this happens on and on.

Today again, I have taken a resolution to start reading the Bhagavad Gita from tomorrow with deep commitment and finish the reading start to end (few pages a day) without any gap or reading being hindered by whatsoever means.

I seek your guidance and advice to the following:

1. Why is my reading getting hindered time and again?

2. Should I again begin reading from the first chapter OR from where I left last time?

3. Can I read it any time during the day or is there a preferred time?

4. Do I need to follow any rules while reading it?

I am not sure if someone from this forum has faced something like this but, if yes, then shall be glad to understand how you were able to overcome this.

I seek forgiveness from prabhujis and matajis if my question offends anyone, but I am just trying to inquire and have your guidance.


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  • Hare Krsna
    Read the introduction repeatedly, for it is in the introduction that Prabhupada has written the essence.
    It is considerably lengthy but you can finish it every time.
    I also start from chapter 1 every time there is a considerable interruption in reading.
    Then you get to know the beginning chapters which are the background of everything.
  • Thank you for sharing
  • Hare Krsna to...

    Ramakrishna prabhuji,

    Radha mataji &

    Jake prabhuji,


    Thank you for the guidance. I have now begun reading Gita since a week now with an aim to understand Krsna's message thoroughly. The way I have begun is by daily reading of few texts, its translation and purports and can say this could be one of the best scripture that there is.

    Although I'm reading it in a language (english) that I understand, I feel it's content takes time to realize and understand it correctly, is it normally so?  How can I effectively develop my understanding and comprehension to grasp the essence of the content? 

    Also, can you advise a method of how to memorize the verses?


  • 1. Fear and worldly mindedness combined with feelings of being overwhelmed. Maybe start off by only reading the translated texts, and then going back later to read the purports for deeper understanding.

    2. This is up to you, but eventually you must graduate elementary school?

    3 and 4. Stop looking for excuses not to read and just read Prabhu.

    Overcome your fear. Krishna is with you when you read the Gita.
  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


    My take on what you have mentioned is :

    1) The reason you are facing obstacles in reading is - the resolve has to be stronger. At any point in time, we are making choices - whether to choose maya or to choose Krsna. There can be personal and professional exigencies, for which we may need to spend time. Pls do that. However, make it a practise to read atleast one page, one para, one sentence, one line, half a shloka those days also. Even if you are doing this without concentration, the fact taht you are choosing to do this is pleasing to Krsna and He will make your environment conducive to reading unhindered.

    2) The answer given by Ramakrishna prabhuji is very nice. I agree.

    3) & 4) - Again prabuji has given very good answers. I want to give a rider to it by saying that initially when reading itself is a struggle, do not add on to rules of timing or other rules to it. Just read. Of course, have respect in your heart for the scripture while reading it. That is different from reading a novel or other book, you will understand because of the faith and respect factor.

    Maybe you could keep a vedabase downloaded on your phone, so taht you can read anywhere you are. I am sure you will be able to take out 5 min a day to read.

    Best of luck prabhuji.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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