• Dipin Prabhu ji,

    You know all these and in more detail about Lord than us. But still you question these all to make us glorify Lord . Thanks for giving the opurtunity to glorify Lord more and more.

    • Hare Krishna Mataji 

      Honestly, I wasn't aware that the Lord could be glorified through my question when I posted the question. Now,  the answers are flowing because we are eternally related to the Lord. In quality we are the same. People in general can also be unpredictable, but since the Lord's greatness is all sided, He can outdo anyone in this department as well!

      Hari Bol 

  • Hare Krishna 

    Srila Prabhupada writes in the Bhaktivedanta Purports that Lord Krsna reserves the right of not being exposed to anyone or everyone. This is the Yogamaya curtain. 

    Then again we read a prayer in the Isopanisad petitioning the Lord to remove His dazzling effulgence so that we can see Him in His original form. 

    Furthermore in the Bhagavad-gita, the Lord declares that the great souls are under the protection of the Yogamaya. Therefore it is possible to know and understand the Lord to a certain degree. Of course the Lord is unlimited, therefore it is very difficult for even the Lord to understand and predict Himself completely, what to speak of the rest.

    Hari Bol 

    • !!.. Hare Rama Hare Krishna.. !!

      Could you please provide the reference related to your statement  "it is very difficult for even the Lord to understand and predict Himself completely" ..??

    • Well, Pure devotees like Nand Maharaj and Maiyya Yashoda and braj wasi's all wanted to treat HIm as one among them rather then glorifying HIM.

      That is the love of pure devotees. They don't want to see His greatness. Even though Lord shows them lifting govardhan and killing Kaliyan and demons. They didn't want to recogonize this supremacy of Lord at all. they simply were kept under Yoga maya curtain for they preferred that .

      Hare Krishna.

      • Nand Maharaj and Yashoda maiyya were Vasus's in their previous life time. They did many years of tapasya to get this boon They were Dron and Dhara vasus.

        They were Lord Narayan's bhakts they requested Lord to become their santhaan. but Lord already gave boon to Devaki and Vasudev ( as Devaki and Vasudev in their previous life time reached out to LOrd Narayan to have Him as their son) they were Sutapa and Prasni at that time. Lord gave them boon for 3 janams to be born to them.

        The gokul vasi's never want to recognise the supremacy of Lord so yogmaya kept them always covered.

        When Yashoda maiyya saw the mouth of little Krishna she already knew it. But Lord immediately calls in Yog maya to cover His identity. Because Lord wanted to keep yashoda doing Sevice as mother to Lord but not give up motherly feeling and start doing bhakti to Lord.


        • Even how Lord would become son for two mothers in one janam was also unpredictable. Lord's Janam is totally unpredictable such a great confusion for kamasa

          7th garbha was transferred to Rohini mata and 8th was replaced with yog maya .. Lord's activites Lord only knows. And Yoga maya comes in help as per Lord's orders 

  • Hare Krishna,

    "How predictable" is this a question?

    No one can predict Krishna's actions. As Lord knows past, present and future and beyond time also.

    When demigods along with Earth went to plead to Lord about the atrocities of Kamsa and other demons on earth seeking protection. Lord said He will come down to protect whenever there is fall in dharma.

    " Yada Yada hi Dharmasya..."

    He will surely come whenever there is a fall in dharma. This much is predictable of Lord Krishna as He Himself told whenver there is fall in dharma He will descend to protect the good and destroy the evil.

    But how HE Does HE do?? IN what way He will descend what actions He will take to protect the dharma is unpredictable.

    EVEN Brahma was bewildered in Brahma garv leela. Under his nose Lord came down to Earth and was residing in Vrindavan and playing with Braj wasi's gopas and  Brahma ji could'nt recognise Lord. What are we??

    Brahma garv ( pride) was broken because he wasn't expecting Lord to be simply playing with gopas and eating the remanants from their tiffin carriages like sharing foods with gopas like a simple being.

    Because Lord's activities only Lord can know.  Lord is always covered by Yog maya  this makes it impossible to predict HIS activities and HIM unrecognisable for normal mortals even Brahma was fooled, Indra got fooled.

    Sab se bada dramabaaz is Krishna. Look at the way Lord stands all crooked for the crooked.:-)

    When He came a mohini moorti He fooled all the demons even Shiva got mesmerized.

    When He came as a dancer to fool Bhasmasura. he simply fooled Him.

    DEMONS are covered by Mahamaya and Yog maya always coveres Lord and HIS activities.

    Ordinary beings cannot even understand Lord's activites leave about predicting.

    Even now some fools thinks Lord did rasleela and consider these activies impious. This is how Lord's activities are concealed how can we predict Lord's leelas??

    ==>When Arjuna was challenged by Jaidratha in war Suddenly Lord created a solar eclipse all of a sudden ?? how?? 

    When Jarasandha was to be killed Lord shows the way to kill to Bheemsen but simply with hand guestures because Lord knows the past of Jarasandha and He knows how and who can kill him also so he chose Bheem for this task and explained how to kill him. 

    when Lord took Vaman avatar also Lord tricks Raja Bali. Lord was approached by demigods for protection at that time also. Lord gave them abhayam that He is going to handle the situation but How he is going to do it No one knew.

    Similarly Hiranyakashyap too. 

    Lord only know what can be done to annihiliate the evil and establish the dharma .  No one can predict His activities.

    Kalki avatar also He gave clues that He is going to be born to so and so at so and so place. He gives all details. But How he is going to come in what way. No one can predict.

    He said He will come on white horse, with dazzling sword etc. We can know thru books that okay He will descned like this in this form to these couple. But we don't know exactly How He is going to start and wage war from which direction.  Which Kings are going to be involved in this big fight?

    Is this the war between kings or war between Lord and the materialists. Its all un predictable.

    Hare Krishna



    • Correction:-

      When He came as a dancer to fool Bhasmasura. He simply fooled him.

    • He fools even Narad muni also by giving him promise that He would give Narada muni the face of Hari.

      And when Narad muni felt pride in His beauty Lord gave him Hari' mukha.

      Hari in sanskrit is Monkey as Narad wanted Hari mukha he got Hari Mukha.

      Narada ..  came to KAMSA and tells  Vishnu is unpredictable. AKAShwani said He will be born as 8th child to Devaki vasudev.  Vishnu sent Narada to fool Kamsa by making him confused by making him count the petals of a lotus and say which petal comes first can you predict.?

      His activity is unpredictable and He confuses all. Vishnu Maya does all these under the Lord's orders.

      Hare Krishna

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