How is krishna a Bramachari


Hare Krishna Pranams,

               How is that Krishna is a Bramachari altough he has had 10 Children Each from His 16,000 wifes , There is a Past time between  Durvasa Muni & Gopis regarding this but the answer to this Question hasnt been given there. Haribol would anyone pls answer ,explain it Throughly .

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  • That is a great question. The video below answered it in a very perfect way. Prabhupada has provided some great explanations about what a Brahmacari is as well, and if you look deep, you can realize the answer to your question just as equally. Read here: .

    Brahmacari means - Vaniquotes
    • Hare Krishna ,

       Thanks Prabhu for The Prabhupada Link , answer to my Quiery ,I Learnt new Insights from this today , Haribol Thanks for your Service

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