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Revert back to Old IDT interface

Hare Krishna,

     Admin & to whom so ever it may concern

                This new IDt interface is not going well with the devotees , a bit Complicated , and also the Chat interface is not User Friendly ,we the Idt users are requesting admin to place change (revert back) to the old interface wihich was a hit with the devotees and it attracted a lot of devotees to the site.Radha rasamai mataji also agrees with this she also not able to access the site and answer in the forum Discussion or moderatede the Chat,she has told to mention her name. pls revert back to the old Interface,

IDT users comment your views if you do support this

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  • Volunteer

    Please go back to the previous devotee interface and add pranam emoji and that will satisfy everyone here. Really, that would be 100% of the users here.

    It was working fine. Why fix something that is not broken.

    In the process of fixing something that did not need fixing, You ended up breaking!

    Now, no one likes it ! Harshit only likes it because you will give him a tip later :D

    If you have extra funds to spend, use it on marketing the site. Building links and improving the domain authority.


    • Volunteer

      By building links and building domain authority, you can create a new stream of income to the site, if you choose to,

      by selling posts into the article directory (created on this site for this purpose),

      with a link going to their site. This is a process of search engine optimization for others.

      Generated funds can be used to engage devotees write articles and take part in preaching.

      By having a high domain authority, by building links, to this site, means more traffic coming to this site.

      Which in turn educates and makes more devotees.

      Although my reply was lightly written, I sincerely appreciate your efforts to improve this site and ISKCON desire tree has grown a lot since its inception and has been a blessing for many practicing devotees, especially the ones who dont have any devotee association in their area, all over the world. Thank you for your service 


  • Hare krishna,

    IDT Admin prabhuji/ mataji ,

    The previous chat inerface was better we could easily see who was online , and could have Krishna conscious discussions involving everyone , Idt was a good place for satsung we coud log into Idt chat any time and talk about Krishna ,lots of Devotees used to throng to the site. After the change of interface too little devotees on site especially Chat or none most of the time . 

    Hare Krishna

  • Hare Krishna
    IDt Admin Prabhu ji/Mata ji, PAMHO,
    I find that the old version was simpler and user friendly, though the new version has many cool features like (adding photo, attaching files, blocking slected users, earsing messages) in the chat section. But there are no such features in Forum.
    Forum as stated by Bharat Prabhu has no bolding, changing font style, text color, adding photo., attaching files feature. If these are added to the Forum most of the problems would be covered.
    Though old version was cute and simple. Many devotees are not even coming back saying they lost interest after they changed to new version.
    In addition to the things said. I would request you to add Pranama emoji to the chat texting and if possible to the Forum too.
    Hare Krishna
  • Sevak
    Hare Krsna

    Some important features like Bold, highlighting, font, text color etc cannot be customized in this new version. Requesting to kindly enable such features or provide a choice to switch to old version which had these features.

    Hare Krsna
  • Hare krishna hare ram to all the readers,
    I honestly like the new theme since this template has a lot of features that the old template never had such as attaching any file one desires be it an image , audio files or even pdfs. Also, the track of messages is kept in the new them which was certainly a problem faced by all devotees since after reloading some of the old messages were not be visible in the earlier theme. The interface now looks very lively since it is inspired by Facebook. It is clearly visible that the new theme has way more features as compared to the old theme. However the only drawback which I see in the new theme is that the members are unable to see a separate list of the devotees who are online and who are not. Even though the green dot is visible, still if someone clicks on the main room, there is a list of 1000's of devotees added, so it is indeed a hassle to check who is online and who is not. Having said that, I don't see it as a big issue since it is really not a big concern as to who is online and who is not. Apart from this i don't see any other shortcoming. Kindly reply back if anyone notices some drawback in the new theme.
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