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Help please! I need krishna in my everyday life.

Hare krishna !
Please accept my humble obeisances , all glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Dear and highly aprecciated and respected devotees , I'm Mario and I am 14 years old.
I wish someone would please help me with this dilemma being presented to me:
I go to highschool and love krishna very very much (I follow the 4 regulatory principles and other rules of Vaisnava etiquette ) , and I went to krishna center of Mexico City , where I recommended tilak always look and let me grow a small sikha .
I accepted with great pleasure that recommendation and let me grow a small sikha and went everywhere with my forehead decorated with tilak .
At my school they prohibited me put tilak on my forehead and forced me to cut my sikha and carry books about Krishna to read in my free time. They not allow my japa beads, even if I don´t use it.
What should I do , since I spend many hours in school and do not want to waste any time or spiritual advancement dedicated to krishna ? Really makes me very sad that I have banned in school all connection with things that have to do with krishna, and tried to reach an agreement and do something , but was unsuccessful . Any recommendations ?

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Hare Krishna.  Krishna is in your heart just sincerely pray from him,  he will surely listen your wish & fulfill it accordingly.  We wish you very all the best. Hare Krishna.......................

Thank you!! i love krishna with all my heart.
Hare krsna,
First of all, relax.... Krsna is there with u..... When u think dat there is no solution to a problem....
Pray to srila prabhupada n krsna to get u out of the situation..... Just fix the daily number of rounds n chant hare krsna mahamantra on a daily basis..... Dont worry n always remember that krsna loves u n he will himself find a way to reach u...,
N if u wanna keep krsna close to u
....., then u should not forget that krsna is in everyone's heart....,
when we search for him with intense desire he reveals himself to us....
n i would suggest u to have a altar in ur room where u can pray n offer incense sticks twice a day..,,,
In ur altar u should have a big picture of radha madhav, guru parampara, srila prabhupada, jagannath baldev subhadra, gaura nitai n panch tattva.... Or u can ask in ur nearby iskcon temple if they have moving altar otherwise u can get the photos n have a small altar in ur room..,.,
I hope this helps u ..., if u want some more help message me or leave a comment on a page......
Dont worry krsna will help u...
Your servant,


Thank you, I have a puja room in my home. I never forget Krishna, even a single moment when i´m not sleep. He is my Reason for Live. Thank you for your help. Please, forgive my horrible spanglish. Haha

hare krshna

Thank you!! I will buy one in Krishnastore.

Dear Prabhu, my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Firstly it is glorious to see Your devotion in this young age!

Krishna may feel this far more surprisingly than we do - ordinary living beings.

In similar situations i was when i was in my country.

Nothing was allowed: no saree, no tilak, no books, no chanting...

Plus i used to stay in the hostel and that is for 4 years.

At the hostel we could not cook, even eat hidden because it was not allowed to eat food in the hostel rooms, no religious books, etc.

So i lived as like in jail.

Still i had to be patient. In order to have enough time for my chanting i used to sleep earlier than everyone and wake very early and chant when every one was sleeping.

I used to eat dry fruits or so. So  it was austerity.

I used to read books of Srila Prabhupada copying them into CD drive and read in soft form.

Nowadays we have phones in which we can read any books not showing to others what we are reading.

And every night i used to read Srimad Bhagavatam in my laptop and write prayers to Krishna to help me out.

But now i can say that in those situations my chanting was so nice that i could feel Krishna's presence in His Name at least to some extent, because of His kind mercy.

But now i am in India, and bhakti is so easily available but my chanting is not so intense as it was before.

So please accept any situation as a mercy of the Lord and no matter to what do not become unhappy but tell to Krishna:

"no matter to what my dear Lord, I will chant Your Names!"

Good luck!

Your servant,  

Thank you very much!!!

In my home I´m allowed to chant my rounds and make aarti in my puja room. Like an user-pure devotee said me: Put wáter maha- prasadam in your forehead, is your Little secret with krishna. I put my tilak in 11 parts with chandan, and the forehead withwater. Nobody in my school see it. Thank you!!


All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

thank you very much, I followed your advice, now I get up at 5:00 am to make my rounds, so I take the time and when I get to school I have done some rounds. Thank you so much!!

your servant

Radhe krishna,

                     dear prabhu be patience everything will happen when krishna decides so. though i got bhagavad gita in my hand and wished to read it, it took 6 months for the same. though it inspired me i didnt understand what it tries to tell me. now i read it everyday and krishna gives new message every day. just chant krishna nama when ever you can, you will get what ever you desire.

hari bol

Hare Krsna. Dandavat.  All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I feel you are a very lucky and blessed soul and in such a young age, you have choosen the Ultimate Path to the Absolute Truth.

I recently attended a program by Mahatma Das in Muscat and it was an eye opener for me. Please visit and listen to his lectures, discourses, training/workshops.  You will get all the answers.  I will pray to Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and KRSNA that you should get all your queries cleared and lead a healthy KRSNA Life.



Hari Bol.


Hare Krishan Mataji Mario!

I am very happy to know your devotion and Krishna consciousness. Besides, I am very sad and worried to know the harsh obstacles you have been going through only because you love Krishna and you simply want to practice Vaisnava rituals. You know many great devotees like Prahlad Maharaj suffered a lot and faced many obstacles and enmities. However, in every case Krishna created a favourable environment for them and liberated them from the vicious cycle of life and death. Krishna observes your activities and He will help you to overcome the situation. I think you should not go against the policy of the school. You have to adjust with them and show your patience and love to other students and teachers. You will see that everyone will come forward to help you and follow your path. Other people might have preconceived stereotypic thinking against religion and religious people. You continue japa without showing others. You can also talk to your Principal and explain why it is important for you to make proper use of your time while you are at school. 

Mataji, your strong Krishna Consciousness will help you overcome this unfavourable situation. I will pray to Krishna for you tonight. All devotees who are reading this, please pray for Mario. 

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare



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