• thanks narayan joshi prabhu for donating 

  • -VrindavanKrsna prabhu,

    I got your message that you do "market research" as your busniess. What exactly is it? Share Market/ Daily stocks? Explain in detail.

    Moreover, I see you mentioned Mumbai temple as the nearby temple in your profile. Whom are you in contact with in Mumbai temple? BTW which exact temple?

    -Govinddev prabhu, welcome to IDT forums, very auspicious day to join with devotees here,


    • I lost clients pr..

      • ok. all the best.

  • Definitely prabhu, i know you since long time, you distributed so many bhagwat geeta's to made too many devotees  you are preaching so many youths...did  too many kirtans in your town. i will donate whatever  i can..its my honour to serve a devotee like you..

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,


    What is your business about?


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