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Hare krsna,

Please accept my humble obeisances,

I am attached to krsna consciousness since past 10 years. and doing kirtans and prachar for propagating the movement. I have been distributing srila prabhupad books to every town and villages since many years. but last seven months have been difficult for me. 

 Due to heavy covid spread in india my business has gone struggling to maintain myself and my old parents ..therefore I am seeking donations..if any one can donate some funds it wil be great help. 

"If we act humble, if we tolerate our egoistic ideas by putting the needs and the wants of other vaisnavas before our own, by serving them in all ways by all means, to please them, to encourage them, to help them whatever there is required, this activities will make us very dear to Krishna" - "HH Radhanath Swami"

"Grace comes in proportion to our sincere desire to serve the devotees"- "HH Radhanath Swam"

Donate for such Nobel cause.if yes, you can use BANK transfer : Name:
Aniruddha sowale ACC No: 32688896743 Bank Name: State Bank of India, Branch: SAI Nagar
Branch Amravati IFSC Code: SBIN0012712  

Please use paypal link to donate...


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  • -VrindavanKrsna prabhu,

    I got your message that you do "market research" as your busniess. What exactly is it? Share Market/ Daily stocks? Explain in detail.

    Moreover, I see you mentioned Mumbai temple as the nearby temple in your profile. Whom are you in contact with in Mumbai temple? BTW which exact temple?

    -Govinddev prabhu, welcome to IDT forums, very auspicious day to join with devotees here,


  • Definitely prabhu, i know you since long time, you distributed so many bhagwat geeta's to made too many devotees  you are preaching so many youths...did  too many kirtans in your town. i will donate whatever  i can..its my honour to serve a devotee like you..

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,


    What is your business about?


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