going to navadwipa

Hare Krishna,


I wanted some advice. I am 45 years (not married), and no children. Live alone. I have only my parents in the UK, Britain. My job of 8 months ended was temp job!

I have around 3500 Pounds saved or 3500/4108.88Euros/330417Rupees. But If I do I will have nothig left when I come back, no home or car. Should I do it?

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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    Please try to get a temp job at Mayapur. That should cover your expenses for your 1 year stay. That way your savings will remain when u go back. Contact TOVP office .They may have jobs

    Hare Krsna



    • Good idea prabhu, though I am from the UK, and not qualified to do much. I am security guard in uk. WATCHMAAN! as you call it in India

  • I fail to mention I want to stay for over 1 year.

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