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Hare Krishna , PAMHO

                        ISKCON culture doesnt encorage giving money to beggers or poor ,I really dont understand this why should we not help a fellow human being who is in need of , Karna donated wealth so did Yudishtra & Arjun , we eat food with onion & Garlic at home and so it cannot be offered to Krishna , Hence i cannot give Prasadam to the poor . When everyone is doing there best Moneteraly to help the poor& the aged i pity myself that my Hands are tied .

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do you listen to krishna or to iskcon? wich is more important to you? Your hands seem to me very free

Did you consider "If there is an all powerful and all good God then why he himself does not eradicate all the poverty?"

You would need to understand ISKCON worldview to understand the answer.

Hare Krishna Prabhji,

           Can someone give a More detailed Answer .

Krishna can abolish all  the poverty in the world in flash of a second. Why he does not do so?

Our identity is that we are spirit/souls who are part and parcel of the supreme lord Krishna. We come to the material world because of rebellion to God as Milton explains in the Paradise Lost. Love cannot be forced so Krishna gives us free will to come to the material world.

The success of our life is to give up rebellion against God and revive our love for God then all our problems will be solved.

The best one can do to help anyone is to restore their lost relationship with Krishna. Once they become devotees of Krishna , Krishna takes special care of his devotee wrt poverty or anything else.

So the best way to help someone is to connect them to Krishna.

I once gave some money to a beggar. Later I saw he used that money to buy a cigarette. Thus, I also get implicated by karma. There are practical considerations like many gangs make people beg. It is a big racket in India. 

It is in mode of goodness to help others but the best help is to give Krishna. 

Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur used to occasionally give money to poor so that we do not become stone hearted. 

Best is to give prasadam as unlike money it cannot be misused. Better to carry some fruits while traveling as they can be easily offered to Krishna and give it to the poor whenever there is chance.

There can be longer answer to your question than time allows. I suggest you listen the lecture series at :

They are very well compiled and answer all questions about spirituality even your particualr question in detail.

Practical tip : Please carry some fruits after offering and give them to poor people if cooking without onion is hard.

krishna is the doer in all cases. he has already layed out everything that will ever happen to "the poor"
at the same time it seems good to me to just give and share something as it is arising from spontaneous love affection.

ultimately the answer to this question for me is: it does not matter. our actions in this world are less important that our continuous mental alignment to krishna.

Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


Giving money to poor - you mean beggars? Are you aware that there is a racket which makes people beg and that money runs into crores. What is the garauntee that the money you give to poor people will be used by them for their needs only and not for their wants (like drinking or other kinds of intoxication).

You can always buy some dry food, packaged, offer and keep with you. Whenever anyone begs, you can give that as prasadam to the poor. Why hands are tied? 

Only by giving money we can help the poor? There is no other way? Help by all means, use your intelligence and judgement in each case. Ensure that people who come to you for financial help are in need and will use your money for the purpose they say (not to drink). And once they have the repayment capacity, they will repay you.

We are having some funds earmarked for the purpose. We do what I just mentioned. That money is given, and once it is returned, sometimes in instalments, sometimes the whole amount, it is given to someone else. There are always so many people who have temporary financial constraints. All these people are devotees - so financial help is required by devotees also, please help them, after using your judgement.

If you have further questions, please ask.

Cant resist mentioning that you have to consciously give up eating onion garlic in food, whether cooked at home or outside. I am surprised you cannot do without onion garlic food at home. Can you not manage this much also?


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Hare Krsna,

There isn't any restriction, and I am not sure about the "ISKCON Culture" that kept your hands tied. Donating to the poor is good, and is characterized in the mood of goodness. You should definitely donate to the poor, and nevertheless, the general inclination of a sincere devotee is to help others. However, do take into consideration your safety, and try to utilize the money on those who actually need it. Our relationship w/ Krsna however is of utmost importance, and should be focused primarily. The rest- charity, giving to the poor is secondary, and will become more natural as we progress in spiritual life- which we need to take into consideration before everything else.


Tamal Krsna

Hare Krsna
Giving money to the poor is not the same as helping them. If charity helps, then giving it purifies even great souls, but it needs to be given to the right person at the right place and time. I'm also thinking about this.


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