From where does evil originate?

Hare Krishna 

The back of the Lord is the place for all kinds of inauspiciousness. Srimad Bhagavatam 

Therefore does evil originate when the Lord turns His back on us?

Nothing can exist outside the Lord, that which seems to have a separate reality from the Lord is maya or illusion, which is also one of the energies of the Lord. So what is evil and what is it's connection with the Lord?

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  • !!.. Hare Rama Hare Krishna ..!!

    Lord Krishna is the creator of.. All things..  in all the universes..

    And.. He is enjoying.. Creativity.. through his own creations.. mysteriously..

    Good / Evil ..   Happiness / Distress ..   Right / Wrong ..   Love / Hate ..   Pure / Impure ..   Auspiciousness / Unauspiciousness ..   Heaven / Hell .. are the creations of Lord Krishna..

    Moreover..  evil things are..

    False ego, false pride, false prestige, false association, false strength, false attachment, false doctrine..  greed, envy, hatred, lust, anger..  killing, abusing, cheating..  untruthfulness, uncleanliness, dishonesty,  improper behaviour..  black magic, harming others, horrible works to destroy the world, to secure money through illegal means..  illusion, blasphemy..

    • Hare Krishna 


      False ego is the most subtle material element. It is necessary evil. 

      Hari Bol 

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  • Dipin Prabhu wants to say that, you must make effort to read it ur self and find out which part is having this information. 

    You have to study in full SB than only you can understand better. You cannot study SB in part by part of read here if someone quotes. 

    That is not the correct way to learn SB.

    Even in your other question you are asking me to post expereinces of devotes from SB with references. But Whole SB is devotees experiences only. Pls. go thru the SB fully.

    One must read SB daily little by little. If you have any doubts you can ask here when you read. But don't expect we print whole SB here. 

    Dipin prabhu was very kind enough to post you which verse has that. But Pls. keep reading spiritual books, cultivate that habit.

    We are interested to help those who wants to help themselves. After reading if you cannot understand some part of the SB you may pose question to find out more in detail. But without reading how will you also know devotees experiences which are mentioned thru out the book? max. we can give you 2-3 examples. But entire book it is not easy to type.


  • !!.. Hare Rama Hare Krishna ..!!

    Could you please provide us ..Srimad Bhagavatam's canto and chapter number..??

    • Hare Krishna 

      May i ask why you are so interested?

      Have you read Srimad Bhagavatam entirely?

      If so then why don't you remember?

      The topic is already settled thanks to Gayatri Mataji's reply!

      If it is reference you need then you can look up the Srimad Bhagavatam Second Canto Chapter 6 Text 9 and 10.

      Hari Bol 

      • !!.. Hare Rama Hare Krishna ..!!

        Thanks for sharing the reference related to Srimad Bhagavatam.. and i think, i had mentioned in one of your questions about .. "studing scriptures"..

        So, could you please tell me ..  Shouldn't one be interested in studing Srimad Bhagavatam..??

        Moreover.. Isn't this true that.. you have asked the question..  "publicly".. ??


        • Hare Krishna
          I answered your query but you did not answer mine and now you are counter questioning me without doing that.
          Anyway, I'll again answer your questions.
          One should be very eager to hear the Bhagavatam.
          Yes, I have asked the question publicly and I have received the answer publicly and i'm satisfied but where is your answer?
          Hari Bol

          • !!.. Hare Rama Hare Krishna ..!! 

            Do you really think that i haven't answered your questions..??

            • Hare Krishna 

              How much of Srimad Bhagavatam have you read?

              That is my question. 

              It doesn't matter what i think.

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