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Freedom.....??? Is it real..??

Hare krishna...Actually m seeking answer for the question...If Lord has given us freedom then why cant we control anything... And as all we know He Is Supreme Controller then are we really given a freedom..??What is then exact meaning of freedom if we could not have any control over any of our Karmas... Coz Karmas are produced becoz of influence of 3 modes... Then seriously do we have freedom...??All that we desire has actuated from these modes and so we are bound to do karma. These modes are created by Lord then why He doesnt directly give orders..?? Why He bounds us to do Karmas..??

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  • hare krishna prabhuji..
    I'm 95% convinced..
    5%- if father knows that his child is doing crime then why father is not interfering..?? I mean why He is still allowing us to do crime...???
    • Volunteer

      If you agree that the father is allowing you to do the crime, that means you accept completely that you have freedom to do what ever you want.


      I made a point i hope was not very clear. Every father will be greatly happy if their son is obedient and respect him. He expects his child to offer obeisances every day. But if he is really a loving father, he will not ask his child nor will force his child to do it. Just like when we were small, our parents are very protective. We are not allowed to go near open flame like candle or hold a lightened match. Because our father love us and he wants to protect us. even after taking soo much care, ignorant child wants to explore himself and try to touch the very attractive fire and gets his had burnt. For sure, he will learn a lesson for his life time not to touch fire again for he has learned the consequences.


      I would want to make a statement here which may not be appropriate to everyone. but still it is required at this point. Controlling of sexual desire is very easy if we get operated in such a way that we will never be aroused sexually. But that is not self control. When you have all the facility to enjoy and still you give up for a higher cause, that is called self control. And Krishna likes that sacrifice which is done voluntarily not forced upon any one.

      • hare krishna, now m totally convinced... Haribol haribol...
        My next question is that is there any Maya at Vaikuntha i.e. Golok Vrindavan...?? If not then before suffering here in material world we were there at Vaikuntha or rather i would say we were serving Lord then what causes us to distract from that point...i mean from serving Lord...??? Bcoz of which we are now here...
        • Volunteer

          You are right. There is Maya every where. But the nature is different.


          In material world, Maya keeps you attached to Sense gratification so that we realize how it is not possible to be happy without Krishna. While in Spritual world, the Maya keeps every one do their duties. If maya were not be there, then Nanda and Yashoda would not love and care for Krishna as they are doing, gopies would not show their love for Krishna, His coward boy friends would not treat him like their equal. Every one would be very treat him with awe and reverence and that is not what Lord wants in Vrindavan. These maya are called as Yoga Maya and Maha Maya.


          There are soo many things in connection to this subject. Please read Srila Prabhupaada books to get all your questions answered.


          Hari bol!!

          • Hare Krishna prabhuji...
            Would you like to suggest some specific books...??
            Sorry for askimg so many questions.... But still i have another question..
            Why one is forced to do some action though he doesnt wish to do some power is forcing him to do it...?? Why this Maya is so powerful...?? Especially with devottee...??
            I'm chanting 16 rounds still i'm unable to control my mind in some regards...
            • Volunteer

              Hare Krishna.

              Regarding books, Please read books by HG Radheshyam Pr titled Discovery Your Self, Your Best Friend, Essence of Bagavadgita, Art of Mind Control, etc. His books are very simple to understand for people like us.


              Krishna is very powerful. Maya is also very powerful. Now the question is how is more powerful??? Maya is very powerful for one who has not taken shelter of Krishna. Maya is like Darkness and Krishna is like Sun. When Sun comes out in the day, darkness has to vanish. Now it depends on us whose side we want to choose.


              When we are traveling at 100KMPH and apply break suddenly to take a u-turn, the vehicle does not stop immediately due to momentum. It moves ahead for some distance and finally comes to rest and you can take U-Turn. We have been in soo many different bodies before this life just enjoying our senses to its fullest extent. Now by the causeless mercy of Guru and Krishna, we have got the association of devotees and the right knowledge. But this comes at a price and that price is following regulative principles and chanting daily. This is like taking a U-Turn when ur traveling at 100KMPH.


              Another example i can think of is that of waves in water. If you have seen when u disturb the water that is stagnant, there are waves created and these waves travel to the wall of the vessel and it reflects back and more waves are created. This is the phase we are all currently in now.


              Arjuna was a great devotee. we can not compare ourselves with him. but he says he can control the wind by his arrows but not this mind. So its a universal problem and has been existing since ages and will exist for all time to come. But Krishna says only by practice can one control his mind.


              We call ourselves devotees but we should ask a question first are we devotees really??? Krishna says that his devotees are one who always think of him and chant his names and discuss his past times have no personal motives in doing any of these activities. We are not at that stage definitely. These kind of ripples will be there in the mind especially when we see our friends, family members who are not devotees, colleagues etc who are fully engrossed in sense gratification and we feel are we missing something???


              A beggar is satisfied with rejected food in the dustbins. If you give him a plate full of nice palatable dishes he will not be interested in eating this rejected food. When we develop a higher taste we will not desire for something cheap.


              You asked "Why one is forced to do some action though he doesnt wish to do some power is forcing him to do it...?? Why this Maya is so powerful...?? ". We must know that Mayas business id to keep us busy in sense enjoyment and away from Krishna. Only a person who is serious in Krishna Conciseness is allowed to enter the spritual world. There should be no strains of any sense enjoyment in us. until we reach such a stage there will be tests put forth by Maya to see if we want to enjoy it or not. If you pass this one... there is another waiting. And the final Exam is at the time of death. If you remember Krishna at that time, you can pass this Material world and be promoted to Spiritual World.


              Have a happy and safe journey.


              Hari bol!!!

              • Hare Krishna Prabhuji...
                So should we feel guilt when we satisfy our senses knowingly or unknowingly...??
                What Krishna will feel if we satisfy our senses unknowingly....??
                • Volunteer
                  I think i answered this in Please read my response here and if u have any further questions we can discuss latter.
                  • Hare Kkrishna prabhuji..

                    I'm cleared with all the other questions that I had... thank you Prabhuji very much for showing me The Right Path... Krishna will definitely bless you..

                    Only one question remained but I'll surely ask it at some another time...

                    Hare Krishna... Haribol... :-)


          • Jai Shri Krishna..


            Thank you Prabhuji..I got confused with Karma and Maya..

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