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Hare Krsna

Lately i have been focussing a lot on my chanting having been convinced philosophically that there is no other way.

After repeatedly reading all of Srila Prabhupada's books it is not difficult to come to this conclusion.

Then this desire came to my mind that i wanted to experience what Namacarya Haridasa Thakura went through his daily routine of chanting 300,000 names of God every day.

Next day i started early about 1.00 Am and went through 70 rounds before being attacked by maya which made me stop my chant although I had about 12 hours to go.

I forgot my endeavor for some time before taking it up again by gradually increasing the chanting to 100 rounds.

Then on 19th Dec i was able to chant 180 rounds which is 311,040 names of Krsna.

I was trying to remember throughout what Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said about chanting continuously. That one be more tolerant than a tree and  more humble than a blade of grass. 

Although i am not the above in the least, i felt glad all throughout the day.

Hari Bol

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Hare Krsna
Yes, this is it!
KC is inexhaustible. So we don't need to act like misers and keep it only to ourselves.
We can be liberal with it.
In fact the word plunderer has been used in connection with Lord Caitanya and His associates.
They plundered the reserves of Love of Godhead and freely distributed it to everyone and still it was inexhausted.
Hari Bol


That is so inspiring Prabhu, 

out of curiousity, how long did it take to chant 180 rounds?

Approximately 18 hours @ 10 rounds per hour. The key is to start early at about 1 am.


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