Ekadashi fasting

Hare Krishna everyone 😇

Thanku so much for providing this wonderful platform to clear all our doubts and to progress in bhakti.

Actually my family members are not allowing to do ekadashi fasting and for maintaining good atmosphere at Home i am also not disobeying them.

So unfortunately i have to eat grains on ekadashi .SO now i am confused that should  i offer grains to Lord on ekadashi or not.

Will it be an offence?

Please clear my doubt 🙏


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  • Hare Krishna Mata Ji! 


    I might be able to help for the same thing happens in my home. My parents get very agitated if I fast because once when I was very small I actually almost fainted while keeping janmashtami fast and they have still hung up on that. Well actually this is what I do

    - Remind my mother that even she fasted on mondays when she was my age

    - Plead that atleast I can keep a fast for half a day

    - Not eat grains until my parents force me too (so that Lord Krishna knows that I'm not eating grains for personal interests)

    -tell my parents it's simply a 'detox challenge' they somehow allow for stuffs like this

    -tell them the scientific reason:

    एकादशी व्रत का Scientific Reason || Ekadashi || HG Amogh Lila Prabh...

    hope it helps...

    Hare Krishna!

    • Thanku so much mataji for sharing your own example to boost my confidence.😇

      I will surely follow your guiding tips like to remain without grains atleast till parents not force to eat grains 

      And thanku mataji for sharing amogh lila prabhuji's video ☺️

      Hare krishna 😇



      • Hare Krishna! I'm sure that one day by taking your example, your parents will start fasting too!

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna dear PRachi mataji,


    Ekadasi is fasting for us, not for the lord. By all means, offer grains and have, even on ekadasi.

    Pray to the lord to make your circumstances favourable such that you are able to practise bhatki wihtout hindrances. All obstacles to devotion are actually to make our resolve stronger. Persevere. 

    Always be respectful to elders, under all circumstances. 

    Preach to them with your behaviour, never with your words. They are future devotees, they will come around. How fast, depends on your behaviour.


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Thanku so much mataji for your kind guidance 🙏

      It is really very helpful and inspiring 😊

      Mataji but when i listen that on ekadashi all the sins are present on grains and i listened from lal Govind prabhuji that our shastras says that if we eat grains on ekadashi then we get the offence of killing our parents .

      Then these things really strike  my mind.

      Please guide mataji ..  how should i educate myself to conquer these negative thoughts?



      • E-Counselor

        Hare KRsna Mataji,


        Yes, it is said that eating grains on ekadasi is akin to killing your parents. WHat to do? You have eaten for so many years. Continue until the situation in the housebecomes more favouable. Keep praying for that sincerely.

        One has to understand one's parameters and work. If you are firm on following ekadasi, you will come across as stubborn and will put off future relatives. YOu can maybe start by saying, one or 2 ekadasis, whicha re major ones - like dev uthni gyaras/ tulsi vivah - the one that comes after diwali; Gita jayanti; Vaikuntha ekadasi; Nirjal ekadasi - these you would like to do and encourage that family also does. Then slowly come to following all ekadasis. It will happen. Have faith.

        If you want whatsapp sanga, I have formed a group recently of young matajis who face resistance for bhakti at their homes. You could join by giving me your whatsapp number on inbox. If you are not joining, its absolutely ok. 


        Your servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD 

        • Hare Krishna mataji 😇

          You are right mataji ....if i will become stubborn then i  will be puting  off the future devotees.

          Thanku so much mataji for updating my knowledge regarding these important ekadashies.

          I will definitely try my best to do these ekadashies and to encourage my family members also to do the same.

          Actually mataji my parents are not resisting me totally in bhakti.

          They have allowed me to do 16 rounds and they appreciate  this also .

          Infact i am able to remain satvik or in mode of goodnes because of my parents' intensive Hard work on me.

          They suggested me to read ramcharitmanas daily and because of their guidance i am reading it from the past 5 years.

          It is just that because of some rumours they are not that positive about iskcon.

          But i am trying at my level best to tell them about the amazing purpose of iskcon.

          And now they have started listening bhagwatam of lal Govind prabhuji on YouTube.

          They have also started doing 2 rounds of hare Krishna mahamantra by the mercy of lord 😇

          And my mother and bhabhi don't allow to do ekadashi because they think that till we have menstrual cycle we can't do fast of ekadashi regularly because it is an offence.

          But by the mercy of lord and Vaishnavas like u i know that this obstacle will also soon be removed.☺️🙏

          Mataji I can't join group on whatsapp because this phone is of my mother and as i told u that due to some rumours my parents are not that positive about iskcon.

          Mataji actually i ask questions mostly when I don't understand something while reading Shastras so  is there any group on telegram where i can ask questions related to Shastras or should i ask questions here as  i have asked about ekadashi?



          • Well Prachi mata ji, you can surely ask here about your questions here and even answer a few there are many great devotees here like Radha Rasamayi Mata ji, Gayatri Mata ji, Punkech Prabhu ji etc. I have always wanted to be in a whatsapp or telegram group in which I can ask questions so I'm doing research and will let you know if I find something. And about the rumours of Iskcon, Well, My family too had it especially about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu being god, they thought it was like any other sehajiya group. But I still tried all that I could in Bhakti and kept telling them facts I got to know and now they are immune to all the rumours just remember this-

            When you start something new, they might make fun of you

            But when you keep doing it consistently, they set you as an example

            And about your parents mata ji, My God! It's so great that they are devotees and you are definitely a very nice preacher! My mother is a devotee of Lord Shiva and My father is a devotee of durga devi (he even keeps fast on all the days of Navratri without even having salt) But they let me do whatever I want if it makes me happy. Parents do get agitated if they're children are keeping fasts because they love us! but it will get better.

            Hare Krishna!

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