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    Almond milk is safe to drink as its not having any grains . There is no fear that you have broken the fast accidentally if you drink almond milk that too before day of ekadashi. You can have any food before day of ekadashi.  Almond is a nut not a grain so no fear you did the vrat sucessfully this time. 

    No need to fast on dwadashi day. Do parana on dwadashi day and have food after offering to Krsna as prasadam. You can have grains on dwadashi day.

    " If devotees accidentally break the fast on Ekadasi, they should observe fasting on the following day. Hari Sauri Prabhu recalls an occasion when: The devotees inadvertently broke the Ekadasi vow because the cook accidentally put peas in the vegetable preparations. Srila Prabhupada told us we were all nonsense. He angrily rebuked us, "Now you have to fast for three days!" This shocked everyone. "Yes, that is the procedure," he confirmed. Seeing the stunned look on our faces he relented, but said that we should observe Ekadasi for the rest of the day and then again tomorrow on Dvadasi. ( Transcendental Diary, 1.258 ) Similarly, if the morning fast to be observed on an appearance or disappearance day of an acarya or avatara is inadvertently broken, it should be followed the next day. (c.f. TD4 p.42)"

    If there is some accident and you had consumed grains on ekadashi than only you continue fasting on dwadashi day, if not just go on with feasting.

    just check this page. You have lot of doubts on ekadashi always. Dwadashi day is feasting yes,  but try avoid eating full meals on the dwadashi night  IF POSSIble not a requirement... otherwise have a normal meal.

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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Almond miklk is perfectly ok for even ekadasi. Day before ekadasi absolutely anything can be consumed. We dont fast on dwadasi ever. Dwadasi is for feasting. If there is any reason where ekadasi was not properly observed, then fast on trayodashi, never on dwadasi.

    In fact, if there is a fas ton dwadasi - like Vamana Dwadasi or Varaha Dwadasi, then the fast is done on ekadasi till noon without taking anything. Dwadasi is never fasted.


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    Radha Rasamayi DD

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