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Dream about getting initation.

A few days ago, I dreamt like I was receiving initation from His holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj. He even mentioned my initation name in the dream. As far as I know,I'm not qualified yet to take initation as my sadhana are still very weak. Can I get some explanations on this dream of mine? Is there something that Maharaj or Krishna is trying to tell me? Can someone pls clarify me in this?

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    My take on this is - you have got your true calling prabhuji. It is on you to actually take it up with full heart and soul, and make it the mission of your life. How long you take to do that, is upto you. If you have read the book, The Journey Home, HH Radhanath Maharaj also got his true calling very early in his spiritual quest. He realised it much later. Nothing wrong in it - its our individual journey.

    Having said that, I completely agree with what the others have written - one has to be committed to guru before one takes initiation. We are all adults and responsible for our actions. Since our actions post initiation will affect our guru maharaj, it is better to be doubly prepared before you take the plunge.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Hare Krishna prabhu.

    Thank you so much for briefing the proper meaning and responsibilities one have to carry for and after initation. It is very true that one should be very careful not to offend guru and Krishna. I will evaluate myself on this and will take this as a oppurtunity that Krishna has given to me to improve myself. Hare Krishna.
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    Hare Krsna,
    My obeisances to all devotees, guru and gauranga.

    I will try to provide you with the info prabhu but my understanding is very very limited.

    I came across this information which might in a way assist you in discerning the dream.

    Regarding Initiation:

    First the spiritual master should see whether the disciple is qualified. Has this devotee been able, by engaging in devotional service, to control his mind and senses and act in a spiritual way? Is he/she free of the desire to associate with a woman/man? Has he/she uprooted the thirst for money and the desire toe at sumptuous foods? The spiritual master will stay near the disciple and observe him for fewd day(s). When he knows for certain that the disciple is qualified, the spiritual master will initiate him. He will not initiate any disciple before knowing that he is qualified. If he gives an unqualified person initiation into the renounced order, the spiritual master himself will fall down.

    There was an earlier post where a devotee took initiation and was not able to abide by guru's instructions and he now feels that he took initiation too early. Not only will the devotee have to go through the reactions but also the spiritual master, which is so unfortunate.

    So, a spiritual master has a big role to play before/during/after initiation. But we have to evaluate ourselves if we are qualified to even approach a spiritual master.

    If I were you, I would consider the above lines to check if I am qualified to take initiation now. If I ticked the boxes, then I would take the dream as a indication that I am ready. Krsna and the spiritual master giving the green light. However, if I cannot tick the boxes, I would be inspired by the dream to work towards ticking those boxes.

    Apologies if I offended any devotee(s) with my response.

    Srila prabhupada ki jai..

    Hare krsna

    • Initiation makes one qualified and one's bhajan strong  . After Initiation one is called dwija "twice born" hence it natural to become nervous before initiation .In Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu Srila Rupa Goswami while explaining the 64 angas of bhakti starts with taking initiation from a guru and after that the different angas of bhakti . Why ?  Food for thought.

      However commitment made at initiation must be kept. Srimad Jaypataka Maharaj in addition to following the 4 regulative principles will make make you vow to preach the glories of  Gauranga's name. If you can make that vow and abide by them then no issue you can approach him. But rightly as Krsna das prabhu said after initiation one should not repent  that one is  unable to follow guru's instruction else it will be an aparadha . I guess you think much about him hence the dream. Please don't bother about your qualification but take your time selecting a guru according to your mood and inclination  and once you have finalized then immediately approach him.

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