Hare Krishna,


I was asked following question and I could not answer properly.


My family members are against me deciding not to marry in this lifetime and devote/dedicate myself to Krishna's temple service. Hence they asked me following question which I could not answer properly:


If I am at home and I am about to leave for Krishna's important service and suddenly my sister or my mom has a heart attack, should I be going to krishna's service or should I take my sister/mom to hospital?


Since I heard many stories where many exaulted devotees gave more importance to Krishna's service than human service, I wanted to answer that I will leave home for Krishna's service and will not attend sister/mom.


But my family members are so much attached to each other, they did not like/accpet my answer and my attatitude and they say that since I am human being my first job is to serve human beings.


Can anyone tell me what Krishna would want and what Prabhupadaji would have answered to such question?


Hare Krishna, Hari Bol

Your servant

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  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna. pahmo. AGTSP.

    this is very sensitive situation and need to be acted/answered very intelligently.

    I was hearing HH Radhanath Swami's lecture recently and I think following points from that lecture may help you in this situation.

    1) first of all, everything you see around belongs to Krishna including the family. A grahastha is supposed to treat the family as Krishna's family. So in this case when you are going out for doing some service in temple and your mom/sister gets a heart attack, it is your duty to help them first but as a loving service to Krishna. Because, only by His divine grace can any one be saved or only by His will can any one leave their body.

    2) There may be many devotees who left family duties to serve Krishna, But they are at a higher level of realization and surrender which is definitely not possible at our level. Maharaj says we should follow in their footsteps but NEVER TRY TO IMITATE THEM.


    Regarding your decision to dedicate your life to serve Krishna, it is purely your independent decision. No matter you are in what ashram, as a devotee the center of our life should be Guru and Krishna. If you are still confused on what to do I suggest you better talk to some seniors in temple who definitely would have gone throw what you are going throw now.


    Thank you very much

    Hare Krishna.

  • Hare Krishna !!.

    While our soul and the purpose of our life needs Krishna bhakthi, the samaj around us request Samaj seva from us (may it be our parents, teachers, friends, dependents and others..). While I was deeply thinking about this subject after a round of Krishna nama chants..this answer reflected in my mind and I wanted it to share here.. Do Krishna Bhakthi for your sake, do samaj seva and do it in the spirit that the person to whom you serve/help is a potential devotee. Along with service, explain in your earnest to them, Krishna Bhakthi and how it has transformed your life and once you do your next round of Krishna prayer, pray to Krishna to help the people you served to become Krishna's devotees and thus taste the nectar of Krishna Bhakthi. Ultimately, only the person who serves Krishna sincerely is a Vaishnava and a Vaishnava lives not for himself but for Krishna and his devotees. Then our mission is to help people realize the dormant devotee inside and direct them towards Krishna Prema in a natural way !! What do you think? :-)

    Hare Krishna ! Namah Sivaya.. Glories and pranams to all His Devotees !!

  • hare krishna pamho agtsp

    plz first understand the situation and act accordingly bhakti  does't mean emotional subject as s.p said a devotee should have compassion but that not mean u forget ur duty , exp- if anybody get injured in accident and u r passing on the way so as a devotee ur first duty to give him first aid and save his life then  slowly slowly u can give him krshna consciouness also . so plz always use ur brain and act depends on time place nd circumstances.........

    trying to serve u

    vajra nrshima das

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