• Society is so "free" that one has ample access to opportunities to perform demoniac deeds.
    Look at politics, when kalki avatar arrives and manifests its enlightment truth, then all politicians of those days will be demons, so turn on tv; a great deal even religious talkers and so called saints who market spirituality and salvation have demoniac traits
  • What my experience says is that Asuras , Danvas , Daityas etc. are still existing within the disguise of human beings and due to our Imperfect Senses we are not able to discriminate them . By the advantage of Kali they have become so powerful and are misleading the innocent human beings engaging them in four principles of Sinful Life and atheism .

    But all in all its all is based on bodily concept of life and we must have Equal Vision keeping false ego aside .

    जब कृष्णा है साथ तो डरने की क्या बात ? स्वयं " भय प्रभु " को भी कृष्णा से डर लगता है !
  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji!!!!!!! Iam very much satisfy with Rohit Prabhuji comment.

    • Hare Krishna. I loved all of the comments!!! I especially loved Rohit Sharma's comment about "insulting the demons"  I am going to have to stop "insulting the demons" by comparing them with the people at my job. Yes present population is much worse than demons.

      • Yes Prabhuji.  Now a days the people are more demonic than the older demons.  They were still called demon in the society and they had got this special place in the society and they had their own territory,  which was specially known from their name.  People knew about their territory and did not move their step to those particular area.  Even those demons had very soft corner in their heart for common people.  We can take the example of Kumbhkaran who stopped his elder brother Ravana to have a war with Lord Shri Rama.  The next is Hidama,  this lady giant was the sister of hidambarsur,  who had been killed by Bhim Sen and this lady giant had fully helped to Bhim Sen to protect from her brother and made the effort to kill her brother.

  • I believe that demons are indeed alive and well here on planet Earth.

  • Are Dawood and Chhota Rajan anything less than demon or asuras ? Was Osama Bin Laden anything less than a demon ? Was Hitler anything less than a demon ? 

    Further, many politicians come in the same bracket.

    Demons still exist! But in a new avatar!

  • What do u think about Ajmal Kasab, the people who raped a girl in a bus, the so called encounter specialists, the terrorists, the maoists.....................................

  • Rohit pr,dandvat pranam

     pr,i am not insult the demons,because they are also part and parcel of krishna.i only point out the presence of demoniac qualities in the persons in this kali yuga.these only forget their relationship with krishna so that these demoniac qualities goes on increasing.and we have help them to re - realise their eternal relation with krishna by  giving prabhupads books


                                          You are correct  

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