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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Diksha guru is the one who gives you initiation, effectively takes responsibility to take you back to Godhead.

    To get Diksha, you have to decide whom to take diksha from and fill up the form for diksha and take shelter of your chosen guru. It is possible that the ISKCON temple in your locality/ city may have certain pre conditions for your filling up the form. Pls find out what they are, whether you qualify and act accordingly.

    While selecting a diksha guru, it is a good idea to study various gurus and see which part of Srila Prabhupada's teachings they have emulated in their lives. The one who inspires you and whose teachings you can follow and from whom you think you have got the mercy, is your diksha guru. While going through this process, you will be able to weed out whom you want to take diksha from and why. I have heard of a lot of people mentioning that the guru has come in their dreams and thats how they are sure of who their guru is.

    Whether someone is bogus guru or not is frankly none of our business. Let that guru do his karma and we do our karma. If someone is bogus, he will be exposed sooner rathar than later. It is between them and Krsna, they will handle between themselves. You dont bother. You concentrate on the one who inspires you.


    YOur servant,


  • Hare Krishna,

    All Glories to Prabhupada.

    There is a book I was given called: "Did Srila Prabhupada Want Women Diksa Gurus?" (by BBT copyright Eye of the Storm 2013.) That I was given after several youth and new devotees I counsel wanted me to be such to them.  I have turned down the offers but have yet to read the book fully.  What I have read and glanced over, is good material, from his graces lectures and books.  I have yet to advance to the level of Guru, I have been a Christian pastor/minister for many years, and know the Lord has been pleased with that service, but I have yet to be a bonafide scholar in the Vedas.  Much study yet to do, plus its a big responsibility.  I do well serving the devotees, my spiritual master and godmother now.

    your servant


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    There are so many nice Diksha Gurus.

    We have just to cleanse our heart and get the mercy of Krishna then only we will get a Guru. There is no other way.

    Because our heart is contaminated and bogus so we see others as so.

    So first let's cleanse our hearts by chanting then pray to Krishna to shower us His mercy.

    Your servant in serving to Srila Prabhupada,

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