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    The day ends right before Sun set and night ends before Sun rise the following day. 12AM has no significance in calculating end of the day or night.

    Yes, that would be ok and count for Ekadasi. Ekadasi in fact ended 6:38 AM the following day.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji,

    On Ekadashi days they do min. 25 mala. If not possible ya 16 also is a okay. You can do a round extra on every ekadashi day to increase the number of rounds.

    If you going after 12 am also its fine.

    I think you are taking all rules too seriously. It is good to see you are perfectly following all rules. But don't be so hard on yourself. Lord is not seeing your rounds. Lord is watching your prem ( love) and bhakti more. Ya rules are rules you must try to follow but if case you  are not able to do 16 rounds before 12 am but ending exactly at 12am then also It is counted and put into you account. Don't worry. No one is punishing you even if you are late. Next time you see that you do it before 12. 

    Every ekadashi we try to improve a bit.  None of us are perfect. But we can make hard effort to improve every ekadashi make us more better and better.

    Hare Krishna.

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