Can I ask Krishna for help!

Hare Krishna Prabhuji / Mataji,


I am in an IIT (By Krishna's mercy) currently and now I am just stressed out with the amount of work, exams, reports, and with the fast pace! I have to struggle each day to get my work done! Sometimes I have to push myself upto 2'o clock night in order to complete my works. And this has lead to frequent severe headaches! I just want to ask help from Krishna! But when I feel to ask then I feel guilty that I do nothing for him and just take service from him, he has given so much to me and again I keep on asking! But now I really wish to ask him for help! So can I ask him for help? Is it against Bhakti to ask help from Krishna?

Thank you Prabhuji / Mataji!

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  • Hare Krishna,

    Pls. tell in what you exactly want to ask Krishna what type of help?  Like Hey, Krishna pls. help me complete my homeworks. Or ( :-) pls. massage my head I have severe headache?( just kidding).

    I mean I want to know what help do you want? 

    Or hey krishna, Pls. help me I am tired I cannot even do my works properly I dont have time for Bhakti much these days, I want to do Bhakti but I have no time. Help me so that I can complete my work faster and spare some time to chant or do devotional service to you?

    Your question is not suggesting what kind of help you are seeking. If its related to Bhakti/ or homework?headache.?

    hare krishna.

    • Hare Krsna Mataji,

      I am just fed up with this headache, stress, tension etc. Even after waking up from sleep I get headache! I am even getting now when I am typing this!(Bahut bura karm kiya hai maine tabi hota hoga itna headache!) It is so painful for me to be on the screen for whole day!(Everything is online) My sleeping pattern has been greatly disturbed! There is even no good amount of time left to invest on myself. Even on Sundays I have Classes and Exams! However I am able to chant my usual number of rounds. As I am honest ( I have maintained this from my start) I generally score less than others (which should not be the problem), but the problem is grading is relative and hence I am almost at the last. Which troubles me whether I would pass my semester or not. I almost get this tension everyday! I want Krishna to make me free of this headache, stress and tension! 


      Thank you Mataji!

      • Hare Krishna,

        Is this tension headache like a band around ur head? Or one sided headache like a maigraine type. 

        Maigraine headache means its usually one sided and you must know which is triggering for factor your  headache,.. sometimes---> stong light, dim light, sometimes heavy meal, going no food for long hours , strong smell sometimes triggers these types of headaches or some time even some allegies also. find out the cause and avoid those triggering factors which are causing the maigraine.

        Tension headache on the other hand is like when you are too much stressed. It is usually like a band tightened around the head. Usually small rest, relaxation and painkillers may easily reduce it. You need to just know ways to relax your mind while the temporary condition can be alleviated by painkillers.

        I am guessing you are overstressed because of this you are having Tension headache. Just take some painkiller and relax a bit. Listen you already secured a good position in a prestigious University. Just relax a bit. Even if one or two tests if you lose ur grades no sky is going to fall on your head. I know in competitive world you have to keep pace with ur peers but don't stress too much.

        Apply Bhagwad Gita Sloka here. Krishna Says in BG 2.47. Hey Arjuna, do your duty as a Kshetriya your duty is to fight!!!  You fight !!!  Don't get attached to the results of this war.  As soon as you get attached to the end results. You are feeling what willl happen if I lose, What will happen if I win? you are falling into duality of thoughts. Just don't think about results of the work. Do work without attachment to results. 

        कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन ।
        मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि ॥ ४७ ॥

        You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.

        If you think what will happen if I take rest? what will happen if I don't do good in the exams, what will happen if I do good in exams? what will happen if my freinds get more good grades them me? what will they think about me? aaww.. this duality of thoughts.. both good and bad thinking about results,  we are losing our present peace of mind. In this situation one cannot perform his present action properly.

        For example:- there is a surgeon. If he thinks if I operate maybe the person will die? then what will happen to my reputation? or If  I get success what willl happen to my reputation. Now his duty is based on outcome. Either way thinking negative or positive about end result he is losing peace of mind before operating itself.  So, he cannot perform his action by giving in 100% effort.

        now Sri Krishna said.. results are not in ur hands dear Arjuna, Only doing karma is in ur hands. Whether u pass or fail its in MY ( Lord's) hands. Then do you karma without any emotion ( fear/ happiness, wining or losing)  Just play the game like a player. 

        You see, If you are playing the game for a team you are stressed out that oh man, I have to stand up and save the team. If you play because you love playing.. then there is no stress.  anyways the results are not in ur hands then why fear.?

        If you love studying you will study with passion for studies. If you feel it is like a competion rather then a passion. then you will surely be stressed out. 

        Lord gave Stress management technique in Gita long long back itself !!!!

        Do your duty free of guilt, name/ fame/glory, maan/ apmaan sweekar/ tiraskaar , happiness/sadness., sukh/dukha.... sab kuch chodh ke prem se kaam karo. Think whatever Krishna gives as result of this action  it is His decision. How are you responsible for the result? 

        Results come as per Lord's decision. Lord takes into consideration many many factors for giving results.  There are people I seen. IITians and Bitsians, AIIMS scholars who have achived so much in life became brahmachari's leaving everything. Because Lord wanted that only from them. Someone who was a pauper suddenly became a rich man out of nowhere overnight. Someone who had everything at one point of life lost all to tsunami/Covid.. and came on to roads. Someone who was all happy suddenly became zero from hero. Nothing is permanant and why we need to feel happy or sad or stressed out for this momment. just stay equipoised.  Results are not in ur hands bas yeh jaan lo, saara tension apne aap door ho jaayega. 

        Result depend on many factors-- our present effort, our past deeds, out past life karma,weather conditions, political issues, competitors, test makers, depends on the question paper recieved, depends on that day ( maybe bad day, bad time) may be ur good luck is with you. some blessings,  some curses. God's will. maybe ur destiny is  not this. so many things. 

        At present you need to study you study without getting attached to the outcome. Bas enjoy the work do it like you want to know more and study like you are studying for knowing more and more... not like to pass the semester. 

        See, two students are there. Both preparing for test.  First  one is studying to beat the other in the test.  The other is studying because he is interest to learn new things he is not interested in beating someone. Both take test. first one before going to test said- I studied well I am surely going to beat the other guy. But after then test results came. It was showing that the second was showing good results then the first. how? 

        becuase the second one didn't study with the intention or sole purpose of winning. he studied for he loved the subject ... he was interested to learn more and more. Second one became a scientist and first one just doing 9-5 job in a company. How?

        passion in doing something made the second one achieve such success and he was never running after success or faliure. he worked stress free. he worked only to learn the subject. as he was interested. so he remained stress free.

        Hare Krishna.


        • Thank you mataji,

          I just read your reply 10 minutes before my exam and this time I was so calm without any tension and fear I was giving my exam. And hence I was able to solve all the questions within the given time and this time I didn't face any difficulty in understanding the question (before when I used to be anxious I had to read a question 2 to 3 times in order to understand it!). Thank you very much Mataji!


          Hare Krsna!

          • Good!!!  Lord helps when someone really looks for help from Krishna thru someone or another. We are just instuments in Lord's hands. He is the real doer and player. We are nothing.

            Have a great day!

        • Thank you so much Mataji, 

          This has really motivated me and shown the right path. After hearing your words it feels like all tension has gone! Thank you very very much! I will surely follow this. It feels like Krishna has helped me out!


          Hare Krishna.



  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji!


    First of all, Congratulations! now, for the question, Prabhu ji, no doubt, that we don't do much for lord krishna and he does so much for us and it's right to feel guilty asking him for any other thing. but say, you're drowning in a well, and there is your best friend standing to help you. right now, you are completely dependent on him so you won't feel 'oh he has already done so much for me! he's my bestfriend and has always been with me! how can I ask him for something else?' that is true but asking for help show surrender. you wouldn't ask someone to help with big matters if you don't trust that person a lot! lord krishna is happy to help you! and even i'll pray that you get enough time to manage studies and bhakti

    on the flip side though, remember to not ask lord krishna for everything! say, you want something and you start asking lord krishna, that's not good. i know you probably don't do that right now, but it could become a habit. so only ask lord krishna for help when it's really really needed


    Hare Krishna

    • Thank you Mataji,


      Hare Krsna! 

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