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Why Krishna is Born as Four handed Vishnu First and later on Request of his mother takes the Form of Two handed Krishna.

Why Krishna appeared(or born) as vishnu first.

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Hare Krishna Prabhu ji

Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead, He is the source of all incarnations. In Srimad Bhagwad Gita He Promise that when ever Irregular principle overcome the righteousness and brahminical culture diminishes He incarnate to again re stabilize the righteousness and protect his devotees, brahminical culture . Krsna or Vishnu never enters the womb Like ordinary human being, so he when ever want to incarnate he menifests  himself as original vishnu .

as confirmed by Srimad Bhagwatam

SB 10.3.9-10 — Vasudeva then saw the newborn child, who had very wonderful lotuslike eyes and who bore in His four hands the four weapons śaṅkha, cakra, gadā and padma. On His chest was the mark of Śrīvatsa and on His neck the brilliant Kaustubha gem. Dressed in yellow, His body blackish like a dense cloud, His scattered hair fully grown, and His helmet and earrings sparkling uncommonly with the valuable gem Vaidūrya, the child, decorated with a brilliant belt, armlets, bangles and other ornaments, appeared very wonderful.

 Lord Appear in Vishnu Swroop for he wanted to remind devaki and Vasudeva about the previous boon which he granted them in thier previous birth when they were Prishni and sutpa he took avtar at that time called Prishni Garba.

second time he incarnated as Vamana when they were born as Kashyap and aditi.

These below verse from Srimad Bhagwatam confirms where lord speaks to devki and vasudeva while in chaturbhuja form of lord vishnu 

SB 10.3.32 — The Supreme Personality of Godhead replied: My dear mother, best of the chaste, in your previous birth, in the Svāyambhuva millennium, you were known as Pṛśni, and Vasudeva, who was the most pious Prajāpati, was named Sutapā.

SB 10.3.33 — When both of you were ordered by Lord Brahmā to create progeny, you first underwent severe austerities by controlling your senses.

SB 10.3.34-35 — My dear father and mother, you endured rain, wind, strong sun, scorching heat and severe cold, suffering all sorts of inconvenience according to different seasons. By practicing prāṇāyāma to control the air within the body through yoga, and by eating only air and dry leaves fallen from the trees, you cleansed from your minds all dirty things. In this way, desiring a benediction from Me, you worshiped Me with peaceful minds.

SB 10.3.36 — Thus you spent twelve thousand celestial years performing difficult activities of tapasya in consciousness of Me [Kṛṣṇa consciousness].

SB 10.3.37-38 — O sinless mother Devakī, after the expiry of twelve thousand celestial years, in which you constantly contemplated Me within the core of your heart with great faith, devotion and austerity, I was very much satisfied with you. Since I am the best of all bestowers of benediction, I appeared in this same form as Kṛṣṇa to ask you to take from Me the benediction you desired. You then expressed your desire to have a son exactly like Me.

SB 10.3.41  Since I found no one else as highly elevated as you in simplicity and other qualities of good character, I appeared in this world as Pṛśnigarbha, or one who is celebrated as having taken birth from Pṛśni.
SB 10.3.42  In the next millennium, I again appeared from the two of you, who appeared as My mother, Aditi, and My father, Kaśyapa. I was known as Upendra, and because of being a dwarf, I was also known as Vāmana.
SB 10.3.43  O supremely chaste mother, I, the same personality, have now appeared of you both as your son for the third time. Take My words as the truth.
SB 10.3.44 — I have shown you this form of Viṣṇu just to remind you of My previous births. Otherwise, if I appeared like an ordinary human child, you would not believe that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Viṣṇu, has indeed appeared.
SB 10.3.46 — Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: After thus instructing His father and mother, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa, remained silent. In their presence, by His internal energy, He then transformed Himself into a small human child. [In other words, He transformed Himself into His original form: kṛṣṇas tu bhagavān svayam.]
Mother Devki because of kamsa fear requested lord to become a ordinary child and finish up his four handed form of vishnu so she can hide him or otherwise kamsa will also kill him. (She had already lost her many sons by his cruel brother kamsa hands, she by yoga maya prabhava and motherhood couldn't understand that lord himself has incarnated here and kamsa cannot harm him in any way)
here is the verse below
SB 10.3.30 — O my Lord, You are the all-pervading Supreme Personality of Godhead, and Your transcendental four-armed form, holding conchshell, disc, club and lotus, is unnatural for this world. Please withdraw this form [and become just like a natural human child so that I may try to hide You somewhere].


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