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  • Since devotees do not eat meat, fish and eggs, you should supply in your diets something which can replace what your body lacks.

    I will explain. Leaving meat out of your diet is not a problem, but putting away fish is not so easy as "deleting" meat from your diet. Fish contains OMEGA 3, which our body needs at all costs.

    It has been proven that devotees are more prone to ictus and dementia and other neurological disorders, and this is quite likely due to a lack of these chemicals during their lifetime.See this article:


    If you do not eat fish for devotional reasons, you should try to replace the OMEGA 3 that it contains eating walnuts and/or flaxseed oil and chia seeds (but this last one is not as effective as walnuts and flaxseed oil because your body has to go through a process to convert its nutrients and transform them into effective OMEGA 3).

    Hope it helps,

    Hare Krishna

    Vitamin B12 deficiency and dementia – a serious and urgent matter
    By Dr. med. Ludwig Jacob As a medical doctor, Ph.D. and specialist in vegetarian and vegan diets, (I wrote a 500-page medical book quoting over 1400…
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    • Sprouted chana , almonds, Kismis , milk, all these on  daily basis will do.

  • Prasadam..........


  • Hare Krishna,jai Srila prabhupada.
    For maintaining good health one has to eat krishna prasadam only and stop eating bhoga(food not offer to krishna).
    Bcoz we may eat only vegiterian food and fruits to maintain good health but our soul will not satisfied but if we eat krishna prasadam our senses will be in control and we will be strong both from inside and outside and our life wil be successful.
    Plz forgiv me if I write any thing extra ordinary........
    • But the question is in general terms . Very few people outside of ISKCON , could  understand your point of view . I think , we must give answer or guide someone initially in general terms . Second, we can customize our answer or guidance depending upon the person before us . This is the reason why people move/shy  away from  temples and preachers . Start from where you are !!!! People are in this material world , the master must reconcile this material world with the spiritual world .

  • Being healthy !!! is a misread and misunderstood concept . Look for the definition as put forward by Ayurveda . Try to understand the meaning of word 'Swasthya ' as given in Hindi dictionary (obviously a good one !) and Ayurveda . 'Health' as a word cannot withstand in comparison to the word 'swasthya' ( swa -sthith) . All in all , this is a very personal question and a subjective one also ; I can not say beyond this .

    Hare Krishna !!!

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    To become healthy in body, mind and soul, one has to do a combination of diet, exercise and sadhana. So eating the right stuff, on time, and practising sadhana diligently is the key.

    Apart from fruits and vegetables, one should eat dry fruits and nuts, milk and curd. One should eat on time everyday, maintain simple lifestyle, ideally eat one meal of raw uncooked fruits and salads, sleep on time everyday.


    Your servant,


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