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"Hare Krishna,…"

Gayatri replied on Friday to are Swarg and Nark actually exists

4 on Friday
Reply by Gayatri

"Hare Krishna, go thru th…"

Gayatri replied on Friday to On ekadasi

3 on Friday
Reply by Gayatri

"Hare Krishna, "Sudhama ji and all other people from Vrindavan had seen lord and all…"

Gayatri replied on Thursday to How can a bhakt get pure love for the lord from inside just as sudhama ji had for Lord Krishna. Kindly go through the below post as well.

20 on Thursday
Reply by Gayatri

"Hare Krishna, Well..In ancient India there was in those days 2 tiers of classificati…"

Gayatri replied Mar 16 to Krishna Consciousness and Purushartha.

3 Mar 16
Reply by Gayatri

"Hare Krishna, To start with Lord said in BG. I am seated in everyone's heart, and fr…"

Gayatri replied Mar 15 to Why does the lord make us forget what we experienced in the past birth? Kindly read the post below as well completely so that you can understand my mindset.

15 Mar 19
Reply by Bharat

"Hare Krishna, Definition of Surrender should be understood clearly before we can jum…"

Gayatri replied Mar 14 to Surrender & Nishkam Bhakti

14 Mar 16
Reply by Bhanu Kiran

"Hare Krishna Greg prabhu, Please refer to the verse and its purport in Srimad bhagwa…"

Gayatri replied Mar 11 to What is the role of Sankarsana?

9 Mar 12
Reply by Zola Preetam

"Hare Krishna.., Mind should be always under the control of the intellect. Mind if ac…"

Gayatri replied Mar 8 to How does one cope up with distractions while chanting so that they do chanting and bhakti to achieve 100% love of lord?

11 Mar 14
Reply by Parul

"Hare Krishna, Have you noticed.. one important thing.? The Brahma Sampradaya (Brahma…"

Gayatri replied Mar 7 to Krishna the supreme personality of Godhead.

6 Mar 8
Reply by Devanssh agarwal

"Hare Krishna, Any thing that is offered with love and without having a tint of selfi…"

Gayatri replied Mar 6 to Lord Krishna's favourite...?

10 Mar 7
Reply by prathikm


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