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"Hare Krsna Read the introduction repeatedly, for it is in the introduction that Prab…"

Zola Preetam replied Apr 16 to How to begin reading Bhagavad Gita?

5 Apr 16
Reply by Zola Preetam

"Hare Krsna All branches of study are included in the Srimad Bhagavatam including the…"

Zola Preetam replied Feb 16 to Vedic philosophy and ecology

4 Feb 17
Reply by Nick

"Hare Krsna Srimad Bhagavatam 2.1.11 etan nirvidyamananam icchatam akuto-bhayam yogin…"

Zola Preetam replied Feb 16 to How should one plan his/her life in order to be successful in every phase be it financial or spiritual or any other phase?

5 Feb 18
Reply by Bharat

"Hare Krsna Prabhu ji The subject matter of creation is not an easy matter to underst…"

Zola Preetam replied Feb 15 to Material nature, Mahat-tattva, Pradhana , Maya

2 Feb 17
Reply by Gayatri

"Hare Krsna Prabhu, I will try to answer a part of your questions beginning with the…"

Zola Preetam replied Feb 9 to Question on the SB1.8.34 purport in the book Yeachings of Queen Kunti.

7 Feb 11
Reply by Gayatri

"Hare Krsna The theory that by Karma alone one can enjoy or suffer the results of one…"

Zola Preetam replied Feb 9 to How will a believer of Karma will believe in Krishna?

8 Feb 9
Reply by Sinjini Banerjee

"Hare Krsna To distinguish between Maya and spirit, one needs divine vision. What is…"

Zola Preetam replied Feb 4 to Power of Discrimination: How to distinguish between areas of Maya and areas of Krishna?

9 Mar 1
Reply by prathik

"Hare Krsna Please read the purport to this sloka carefully even though Gayatri Mataj…"

Zola Preetam replied Oct 31, 2018 to Question from Bhagvad gita.

4 Oct 31, 2018
Reply by Zola Preetam

"Hare Krsna As a shadow of yogmaya, mahamaya is under yogmaya eternally."

Zola Preetam replied Oct 29, 2018 to Is it that one has to be either under Yogmaya or under Mahamaya eternally?

16 Nov 19, 2018
Reply by Paul T Harrison

"Hare Krsna Prabhu Thank you for replying, ultimately for one who wants to see Krsna…"

Zola Preetam replied Oct 20, 2018 to How to control anger?

13 Oct 21, 2018
Reply by Nitya


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