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Material nature, Mahat-tattva, Pradhana , Maya

!!Hare Krishna Hare Rama!! Kindly describe about these topics with clearity, i read about these topics from verses of SB, CC, TLC. but mul…

Started by Ashish Sharma in Scriptures

2 Feb 17
Reply by Gayatri

Nitya Baddha Jiva and Nitya Siddha Jivas

i hear - Some soul are eternally here in material world - baddha jiva . Some are eternally liberated - siddha/mukta jivas. It means there w…

Started by Ashish Sharma in Krishna

15 Jan 27, 2018
Reply by Bharat

Sexual feelings originated from spirit soul?

I was hearing one lecture - Dealing With Sex Desire - by HG Urmila Devi Dasi . Its mentioned there that such feeling are feelings originate…

Started by Ashish Sharma in Krishna

4 Jan 27, 2018
Reply by Ashish Sharma

What is kaalsarpa dosh or yog in horoscope

What are its effects in one's life, what is the solution ?

Started by Ashish Sharma in Astrology

4 Feb 14
Reply by Sinjini Banerjee

Brahman and Maya Realization

Hare krishna .. Pranam to all devotees.. Brahman is Lord Krishna Body effulgence, it exist everywhere in Material and spiritual creation l…

Started by Ashish Sharma in Krishna

1 Aug 10, 2017
Reply by Krishna Dasan

Immortals of the material world

Except Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva , every other being from Lord Brahma to an ant are jivas (conditioned Soul) and have to except material b…

Started by Ashish Sharma in Krishna

2 Jun 12, 2017

How to chant properly

Hare krishna.. Pranam to all Devotees.. How can I make my chanting more focused, pleasurable and offense less? when i closed my eyes i fi…

Started by Ashish Sharma in Japa

3 Oct 12, 2016
Reply by Bhanu Krishna Das

How vedic knowledge is transmitted throughout time

What is Shruti and Smriti? I know at first vedic knowledge is spoken to Lord Brahma by Supreme Lord Krishna himself, but if we have only 32…

Started by Ashish Sharma in Scriptures

1 Oct 13, 2016
Reply by Radha Rasamayi DD

Karma , destiny and future prediction

When it's said that living entity is creator of his own destiny , we get fruits based on our past karmas and God give us freedom to choose…

Started by Ashish Sharma in Karma

19 Jan 6, 2017
Reply by Jelu Iliov

Time according to Vedic literature

1. What is definition of time? 2. are there different timelines like simultaneously dimensions,that there are past timeline and future time…

Started by Ashish Sharma in Scriptures

3 Sep 20, 2016


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