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Vaishnava Aparatha (15)

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How to forgive bhakta? How not to take offence?

All glories to Guru and Gauranga, Dandavat pranams Hare Krishna please help me,  your servant  E Dasi

Started by E

2 Jan 8
Reply by Bharat

Will non devotees get sin of Vaishnava apradha?

I am not sure how Vaishnava apradha works. If some Vaishnav devotee is disturbed by some people and they offend the Vaishnava. will these p…

Started by Harish

5 Nov 19, 2017

How should we ask for forgiveness from a Vaishnava ?

How should we ask for forgiveness from a Vaishnava (it may be any religion) ?

Started by Parag

2 Sep 26, 2017
Reply by Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa

वैष्णव अपराध

सभी वैष्णव को हरे कृष्ण, श्रील प्रभुपाद की जय, यदि हम वैष्णव को देखकर प्रसन्न नहीं होते तो अपराध होता है| iskcon मंदिर का एक पुजारी जो मुझे…

Started by Avadhesh Kumar Parashar

2 Apr 20, 2016
Reply by Radha Rasamayi DD

Jogeshwar Adhikari Das Beheaded

Head priest of Sri Sant Gaudiya Math Srimat Jogeshwar Roy  (Yajneshwar Roy) was hacked to death in his Math (monastery) on Sunday morning a…

Started by KAVIN RAJ

14 Mar 22, 2016
Reply by Drmelvin Mabalay

Viashnava apradh

i was listening to a devotional song and as the chorus sang i had a bad thouught about them i commited apradh through mind then i commited…

Started by Abhay chauhan

6 May 8, 2015
Reply by Bhanu Krishna Das

Why did Sati quit her body?

Srimad Bhagvatam narrates a very unusual pastimes & explains What was the real reason behind Sati quitting her body in her own fathers…

Started by brajsunderdas

3 Aug 21, 2014
Reply by brajsunderdas

'' what is the difference between a bhakta wearing kanthi mala and a person not wearing the kanthi mala but following the same rules?

why every time the kanthi mala holders are given PRIORITY? i am not talking all this because i didnt wore kanthi mala, but i always experie…

Started by Saili Rangnekar

22 Jan 1, 2014
Reply by Manish Lalwani

List of Vaishnava Aparadhas

  Hare Krishna, Does any one has any list which covers all aspects and types of Vaishnava aparadhas apart from 10 naam aparadhas?  

Started by Rahul Banerjee

3 Feb 4, 2013
Reply by Maral Alymova

When in scripturs or in books by prabhujis and Maharajas, We found Somesomting not going according to our perception of Goodness.

Yesterday I Saw this and Got this Question In my Mind "And [for] their saying, "Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary…

Started by Bramharpan Bindaputra

13 Aug 28, 2012
Reply by Francis gregory kirchner


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