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Which profession gives ample opportunity to preach Krishna Consciousness ?

Hare Krishna devotees, Dandavat ! Though there are many ways of preaching like book distribution, prasadam distribution, online preaching,…

Started by RISHILatest Reply

Lost Interest in current work

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis, I am a software engineer working in an MNC. I have lost interest in my work and I am being strongly ali…

Started by Subash AnjuruLatest Reply

How Do I Help Someone

Hare Krishna Dandavat Pranams I have a friend who seems to be very negative in thinking. It has been 15 years since i know him but always…

Started by SSLatest Reply

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transcendental chanting

why mahamantra is called transcendental chanting ? how transcendental vibrations arise in material creation ? because transcendental vibrat…

Started by kishan

15 Jul 14
Reply by Bharat

is krishna consciousness a universal approach ??

i was told that iskcon is following teaching of some sampradaaya. i forgot name.  a sampradaaya is just like a small field in which some pe…

Started by kishan

19 Jul 12
Reply by Deepshika Jehangir

what is religion?

what is religion?

Started by kishan

27 Jul 9
Reply by kŗşņa dasa

a blind , deaf and dumb person

hare krishna! my simple question is if a person is blind , dumb , deaf by birth then how will he chant mahamantra ?  how will he get liber…

Started by kishan

12 Jul 5
Reply by kishan


if miseries from which all the living entities are suffering is common .  then why so many  religions ? 

Started by kishan

39 Jul 5
Reply by kishan

a enquiry about soul

as we say soul is part of super soul .  as super soul is transcendental then this soul must also be transcendental . if soul is transcenden…

Started by kishan

14 Jul 5
Reply by kishan

his will or our will

many times i heard that everything is krishna's will . he is in each atom of universe . without his will a dry leaf also doesn't move. at t…

Started by kishan

4 Jul 5
Reply by Yashoda

what is the cause of being miserable ?

what is the cause of being miserable ?

Started by kishan

17 Jul 5
Reply by kishan

Prabhupada Now: Understanding Creation & Darwinianism

pamho, hare krishna, I came across the following article in newspaper: Dr. Satyapal Singh, PHD in Chemistry, India's Minister of State fo…

Started by Parag

1 Jul 5
Reply by Yashoda

Who is the witness ?

pamho, hare krishna, I read the following messages today: 1.  Displayed outside a Church:  St. John:  A counter witness to fake news. 2.…

Started by Parag

2 Jul 5
Reply by Zola Preetam


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