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Fallen in love with a non-devotee

Hare Krishna, prabhujis and matajis! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All Glories to Guru and Gauranga! Dear devotees, Let me begin by e…

Started by Sarira RupaLatest Reply

Devotee Association

Hare Krishna Devotees, I am going to join NITIE for further studies. Since I have to stay in hostel there. I would like to know if there a…

Started by Tanay AgrawalLatest Reply

My Elder Sister Daugter

Hare Krishna Prabhujis/ Matajis PAMHO AGTSP   My Elder Sister daughter is two years old. She is very active, smart and talkative g…

Started by DeepikaLatest Reply

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Nishkam ghristhas serving in temple

I want reviews some grihasthas serving in temple fulltime nishkam,so please provide some of thier contacts

Started by govind prajapati

2 Dec 25, 2018
Reply by Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa

Looking for devotee association in Maldives

Please share contact details and location in Maldives Hare krishna

Started by Hari Krishnan

2 Dec 8, 2018
Reply by Göran Holm

What does it mean by this-"You cannot love someone, If you cannot love yourselves?''

Please can someone explain this line. ''You cannot love someone, If you cannot love yourselves?'' Haribol.

Started by Nitya

10 Nov 18, 2018
Reply by Nitya

Formal behavior between man and woman?

Why is it necessary to behave so formal between man and woman?I mean we are all equal...but why the devotees looks scared on me when I want…

Started by Eszti

25 Oct 29, 2018
Reply by Sohum

Where does kali sanatan upanishad ,brahma sanhita, brahma puran belongs to and when these scriptures were written..?

Hare krsna, pamho lord krsna appeared , incarnated say, came to this materialistic mrityulok in dwaparyuga,and lord rama in tretayuga, so…

Started by Varun

5 Oct 16, 2018
Reply by AD

Vaishnava Clothing

Hare Krishna!I wanted to know about Vaishnava clothing and from where to purchase it in Gurgaon, India? Are there any specific colours that…

Started by Tanuj Chhabra

3 Jun 12, 2018
Reply by Radha Rasamayi DD

How to preach to father

Hare krishna i have been in krishna consciousness since 5 years now i came in contact when i was 17 when i met a devotee who was my room ma…

Started by Abhay chauhan

8 May 9, 2018
Reply by Parul

Mayapur Rental

Hare Krsna Does anyone have any idea how to get a long term rental apartment at ISKCON Mayapur?  Thank you

Started by Nish

1 Apr 13, 2018
Reply by Pandora Hinson

Can We do Job in ISKCON Temple

Hare Krishna!!!! Dandwat to all devotees....All glories to Prabhupad!!! I have come at big decesion of my life because of some circumtanses…

Started by Lokesh Sharma

21 Jan 1, 2018

How To Overcome Depression?

If a person is suffering from depression and it is not easy to move on. How does that person relate her/his life to Krishna Consciousness a…

Started by hare krishna

29 Dec 23, 2017
Reply by Savithiri Varadan


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