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Iskcon Desire Tree is a great resource for vaisnava Sanga

I just wanted to rech out and say how pleased I am that the devotees here at Iskcon Desire Tree, have created and selflessly maintained thi…

Started by Balabhadra Bhattacarya dasaLatest Reply

How to stop cow slaughter

                         Our aim is to stop cow slaughter. The permanent solution found is to implement the project SAVE A COW SAVE THE WOR…

Started by vibhooshankrishnadasLatest Reply

Importance of Guru in Krishna Consiousness

Hare Krishna to all Matajis, Prabhujis & Devotees There are so many devotees on ISKCON DESIRE TREE who are very new and even old also o…

Started by Bhuwan Dutt BawariLatest Reply

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I would like to know whether I can also chant the Mantra Om shri Krishnaya Namaha along with Mahamanta

Started by Ved Vyas

1 18 hours ago
Reply by ISKCON desire tree network

Career in spirituality

Hare krishna to all my matajis and prabhujis. I was thinking to have an official course in spirituality after completing my higher secondar…

Started by Sinjini Banerjee

2 on Thursday
Reply by Sinjini Banerjee

Are jivas actually 'prakriti' or part of God's spiritual energy?

In the introduction of "Gita as it is" it has been mentioned that Jivas are superior prakriti since they are conscious beings compared to t…

Started by The Crimson Universe

8 on Thursday
Reply by Bharat

How to control the hunger

How to maintain Iskcon diet format ? Many a times I get hungry ...but just avoids about that but my body demands that again and again...I g…

Started by Komal Patne

12 on Thursday
Reply by someshwar sudake

Any musician devotee out there?

Hare Krishna, please accept my humble dandavat pranam, Is there any indian musician devotee out there who can contact me? I'd like to ask…

Started by Ananda Mohan das

4 on Tuesday
Reply by Ananda Mohan das

Can we listen to Sadguru of ISHA foundation speaking about KRISHNA ?

Hare Krishna All, Pamho, AGtSP!       Lectures of Sadguru of Isha foundation are very pleasing and somewhat deep. Can we listen to his tea…

Started by aakash menon

4 on Tuesday
Reply by Gagan Indavara

What to do with non-devotee parents??

Hare krsna mataji and prabhuji and Aapke chrnoon mein sat sat pranam. Pls KINDLY accept my HUMBLE obesiances. What to do of non-devotee par…

Started by Charan Tripathi

14 on Tuesday
Reply by Shravn Prabhu Sacramento CA

Will someone explain to me all the expansions of Krishna?

From the first to the last expansion. The roles and duties of each of those expansions as well. Thank you.

Started by The Crimson Universe

20 on Monday
Reply by The Crimson Universe

does curses (from street begger or like enunches) have any impact on our life???

   hare krishna prabhujis/matajis.dandavat pranam. i was cursed by a street beggar for not giving him money.does this kind of curses have…

Started by sandip dey

16 on Monday
Reply by sandip dey

Question on the SB1.8.34 purport in the book Yeachings of Queen Kunti.

Haribol. I have a question on the purport of the verse in the book of 'Teachings of Queen Kunti', the verse S.B. 1.8.34. For whoeever read…

Started by Kristian Timmerman

7 on Monday
Reply by Gayatri


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