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Iskcon Desire Tree is a great resource for vaisnava Sanga

I just wanted to rech out and say how pleased I am that the devotees here at Iskcon Desire Tree, have created and selflessly maintained thi…

Started by Balabhadra Bhattacarya dasaLatest Reply

How to stop cow slaughter

                         Our aim is to stop cow slaughter. The permanent solution found is to implement the project SAVE A COW SAVE THE WOR…

Started by vibhooshankrishnadasLatest Reply

Importance of Guru in Krishna Consiousness

Hare Krishna to all Matajis, Prabhujis & Devotees There are so many devotees on ISKCON DESIRE TREE who are very new and even old also o…

Started by Bhuwan Dutt BawariLatest Reply

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arjuna went to goloka or vaikuntha or heavenly planet

hare krsna please accept my humble obeiscances recently i read that after the pandavas die, the last person yudhishtira sees draupadi and h…

Started by Anusha Rudraradhya

6 13 hours ago
Reply by Aniruddha Dasa

Clearing doubts!

Hare Krishna!  There are some doubts I have been afflicted with over the years but by Krishna's mercy they are answered from within through…

Started by Ernesto Chongtham

10 on Saturday
Reply by kamlesh patel


Matajis, I will be having my 2nd child in December and am trying to make a plan for the placenta. According to devotee regulations, is it r…

Started by Kimberly Vaughan

2 on Friday
Reply by Aniruddha Dasa

HOw to go Mayapur Dhak from KOLKATA NEW MARKET

Hare Krishna Prabhuji and Mataji, I am from Bangladesh and planned to visit Mayapur Dham on 5th August. Can you please help how can we go t…

Started by Debasish Chowdhury

1 on Friday
Reply by Aniruddha Dasa


Hare Krishna Prabhuji & Mataji, Would you please advise the Nine of Name of Narasimha Dev to get rid of NABAGRAHA DOSHA. Also advise h…

Started by Debasish Chowdhury

1 on Thursday
Reply by Aniruddha Dasa

Old deity clothes

Hare Krsna,  Pamho What is to be done with the old deity clothes? If too many get accumulated. 

Started by Anusha TR

2 Jul 15
Reply by Anusha TR

Is Srimati Tulasi Devi and Lakshmi ji Same?

Hare Krishna can you please solve my doubt.Hare Krishna.

Started by venkatesh

2 Jul 15
Reply by gaurangi


Hare Krishna, Pravu, I need your help how to do the Narasimha Aroti at Home  I have put sets of PHOTO of RADHA MADHAB, NARASIMHA  DEV, PANC…

Started by Debasish Chowdhury

3 Jul 15
Reply by Aniruddha Dasa

Concerning Offenses!

Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisance! I always wanted to become a devotee. However, I feel I am not ready yet. It is especially…

Started by Ernesto Chongtham

2 Jul 14
Reply by Ernesto Chongtham

ORIGAMI in Krishna Conciousness

Hare Krishna,  I am looking for ideas for making Orgami in KC for kids.  Any suggestion is welcome.  yhs

Started by Abhishek Chouhan

0 Jul 11


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