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ISKCON temple under demolition threat - ISKCON HBR Bangalore Gandharvika Giridhari temple under threat of demolition. Pls sign online petition.

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Matajis, ISKCON HBR Layout Nav Narasimha temple and Gandharvika Giridhari temple is under threat of demolition b…

Started by Vasudev ThakvaniLatest Reply


Where is ISKCON headed? Where do we want it to go? Do we have a say in where it is going? This is a topic that needs to be addressed.

Started by Scott MorrisseyLatest Reply

Is there any Devotees in Dinjan Assam ?

Hare Krishna . I am from Bangalore now staying in Dinjan Assam Army station. Is there any temple or devotees near by.

Started by MonikaLatest Reply

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How can I serve the Lord Krishna and I am in an Arab country (Iraq)

The Hindus of Iraq are almost 5% but I want to serve the Lord Krishna with all my efforts

Started by Azad

6 Dec 9
Reply by Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa

need contact details of devotees in Maldives

Hare Krishna Prabhujis and matajis Please accept my humble obeisances All Glories to Guru and Gauranga   Sorry to trouble to all  but i was…

Started by Mangala Mathura Devi Dasi

2 Dec 8
Reply by Göran Holm

sacred thread ceremony

hare krishna, there are i think 6 sanskars that a man(not women) are supposed to undergo in one's lifetime. the janaiu( sacred thread ) cer…

Started by chhabi ranu gupta

6 Dec 1
Reply by Varun

What is the women position on iskcon?

Hare Krishna, I'm relative new in KC . But in this couples of years i understood that women rarely give classes, women rarely translated c…

Started by Monica MeeraBai

30 Oct 28
Reply by Paul T Harrison

Is it good to watch krishna tv serials

Hare krishna. We find that todays world is full of media there are many serials about krishna ..infact i know krishna only be…


5 Sep 30
Reply by kush


Hare krishna!!, Namaste to great souls.I have to ask Is ISCKON,VRINDAVAN teaches the Bhagwad geeta. Isckon teach the bhagwat geeta. Please…

Started by Anirudh Mishra

1 Sep 11
Reply by Radha Rasamayi DD

ISKCON Chennai Mobile App Launched

Hare Krsna, We have developed and launched ISKCON Chennai Mobile App last week. Please have a look at it and circulate among the community…

Started by Sreedhar Kosaraju

0 Aug 20

Documentary, Hare Krishna! The Movement, the Mantra and the Swami who started it all DVD release?

Hi I am just wondering if anybody knows when the documentary: Hare Krishna! The Movement, the Mantra and the Swami who started it all  is…

Started by Neophyte

1 Jul 12
Reply by Neophyte

In relation to caste and dharma

Can people of certain caste "designated as shudra varna by the society for generations" live a life as a brahmin, doing pooja and teaching…

Started by Adarsh

3 Jul 7
Reply by Narayan Das

iskcon temples in western countries

why slowly the iskcon temples in western countries are getting closed ?

Started by kishan

4 Jul 4
Reply by kishan


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