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Job plus Bhakti. How to be?

Hare Krishna ... Hare Rama... Rama Rama Hare Hare... Hare Rama...Hare Krishna ... Krishna Krishna Hare Hare... I don't want to run from so…

Started by MANISH CHAUDHARYLatest Reply

Need practical advise on how to adjust around non-vegetarians

Hare Krishna! I need 'practical' advise on how to adjust around non-vegetarians, if there is any. Especially if they are in a family. Pleas…

Started by Aarti SLatest Reply

Need flat for rent in Pune suburbs urgently.

Hare Krishna and Dandavat pranaams to all Vaishnavas I urgently require a one bed flat in Pune suburbs, possibly not too far from Wakad. We…

Started by Sanjiv PillaiLatest Reply

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Vasty Shastra

Hare Krishna prabhu ji In our house we have pooja ghar in bedroom. The only other space available is south east corner or agney kon. House…

Started by Arjun Saxena

4 Dec 4
Reply by Ravi

non devotee parents

HARE KRISHNA!!! once again things have begun to change. as i have told earlier i have deities in my home i used to serve them. until yester…

Started by uthama gauranga dasa

4 Nov 29
Reply by Anusha TR

Neither Grihastha nor Brahmachari ashram

Hare Krishna !!! PAMHO, I have question regarding marriage,  Prabhupada said that one should either be in Grihastha ashram or Brahmachari a…

Started by Sagar

5 Nov 4
Reply by Sohum

How to merry a devotee girl who is associated with ISKCON

No metrimoniàl website is helpful

Started by Er Prashant Rajhans

6 Oct 29
Reply by Sohum

Relevance of performing Shradh for ancestors

We honour parsadam only after offering all we eat ( satvik Food ) to the deities at home. We offer the Prasadam by praying to Srila Prabhup…


10 Oct 2

for my child interest in kc

hare krishna pr ji dandwat .pranam i want how i can undersand my child to progress in kc.she is 9 years old

Started by Ajay Nrisimha Das

6 Jun 7
Reply by kishan

maha mantra

hare bol, can the maha mantra used to ward off evil spirit,or for protecting children for sickness.


7 Jun 6
Reply by kishan

Miscarriage or uanble to conceive

Hare Krishna, PAMHO. I just wants to know the spiritual reason behind miscarriages? and why some are unable to conceive?

Started by Deepika

6 Mar 9
Reply by Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa

Family Life and Marriage.

Hare Krsna Devotees, I am  a commoner and also a beginner in K.C, In my family, my uncle is having constant fights with his wife. His age…

Started by Subhashini Gopinath

5 Feb 7
Reply by Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa

Is it okay to love a girl?

Hello everyone i am posting after 2 years here i used to suffer from schizophrenia i used to see demons and i was on strict medication for…

Started by Abhay chauhan

9 Jan 22
Reply by Abhay chauhan


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