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Family members are non devotee

Hare krishna  My family member are nondevotee and they dont alllow me to chant on beads. some times i chant hiding my beads or on counter.…

Started by pallavi agarwalLatest Reply

Study, Jobs and Krishna Bhakti

Hare Krishna Matajis & Prabhujis, PAMHO, AGTSP, Dear Devotees, I am working in a nice reputed company and at a same time, I am studying…

Started by DeepikaLatest Reply

How can we control our Anger ,Greed ,Laziness and Lust ?

As Lord Krishna said that to be a devotee one should control his Mind completely .But how can we control it ?

Started by Utkarsh dubeyLatest Reply

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devotional service

hare krishna!        some are doing devotional service,but due to some reason they are unable to follow.but after some time they do devotio…

Started by Jana ranjani

3 Dec 26, 2017
Reply by Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa

Is God really the Supreme?

Among the devotees, there is a common belief, God is the supreme and nothing is equal to Him or higher than Him. Lord Krishna says so in BG…

Started by Ratnadeep Ray

10 Dec 11, 2017
Reply by Ratnadeep Ray




1 Dec 6, 2017
Reply by Zola Preetam

Significance of the Tilak

Hare Krishna! I keep seeing devotees wearing tilak on their forehead. Could you please let me know what is teh significance of wearing that…

Started by Neetu

13 Oct 13, 2017
Reply by Radha Rasamayi DD

How does eating food affects our mind??

Hare  Krishna!!! Haribol Dandavats  Everyday we eat different types of food starting from vegetables,fruits,milk,curd,fish,meat etc. We use…

Started by Tapan(Krishna's Servant)

5 Sep 26, 2017
Reply by Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa

Vaidhi Bhakti and Raganuga Bhakti

Hare Krishna devotees. Srila Prabhupada says by following the process of Vaidhi Bhakti we can gradually elevate into Raganuga Bhakti. But h…

Started by Raj Sakha

13 Sep 23, 2017
Reply by Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa


I have read the shreemad bhagwatam and was reading chapter of avataar of God............I found there 24 avtaar while isckon bahgwatam real…


17 Jul 31, 2017
Reply by VJ Singh

Offering Tulsi Leaves

Hare Krishna I want to ask, can we offer Tulsi Leaves to Shri Sita Rama ji Shri Narasimha Deva and Gaur Nitai Ji in Our Home temple alter

Started by Saksham anand

3 Jul 26, 2017
Reply by Shravn Prabhu Sacramento CA

photo frame of lord

Hare Krishna Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupad. I have a confusion. Please clear it. I have recently recei…

Started by deepthi rao

3 Jul 16, 2017
Reply by deepthi rao


why does one devotee becomes envious of another devotee ??even in spiritual activities.why is it so?

Started by Jana ranjani

1 May 10, 2017
Reply by Felix Künneke


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