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Padmavati Mataji - Left This World

Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! On September this year - 2013, our care ta…

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Does spiritual body have prana and does prana come from the soul?what happens to prana after death?

Started by Adithyan Rajeev

7 Sep 15
Reply by Gayatri

Garuda Purana states punishements after death. Is it for the soul that is so smaller than atom?

 Garuda Purana explains about all kinds of punishments given to us after death depending upon our deeds performed in our life span, before…

Started by Nitya

5 Sep 15
Reply by Zola Preetam

Vedic Quiz: Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 02 – Contents of the Gita Summarized

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 02 – Contents of the Gita Summarized 01. What is material compassion compared to in BG 2.1? a)    Fire covered by sm…

Started by Parag

0 Apr 8

Can we increase size of soul?

It is said soul is ten-thousandth part of the tip of hair,but swami Vivekananda said to his brother 6 years before his death that he is goi…

Started by Adithyan Rajeev

13 Jan 8
Reply by Radha Rasamayi DD

How does jivatma fall?

How does a jivatma fall from Vaikuntha?If he falls does he get trapped in samsara?or does he go back to Vaikuntha just after his first deat…

Started by Adithyan Rajeev

22 Nov 9, 2017
Reply by Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa

Self Realization: Is cow protection a social service or a service to Krishna ?

pamho, Hare Krishna, During around 2005, I was doing a Self-Realization Course at Juhu Temple. The preacher had given an example of list…

Started by Parag

3 Sep 1, 2017

Does transcendental body of jivatma change?

Does transcendental body of jivatma change,suppose if a jivatma falls from Vaikuntha then he returns back to vaikuntha,then does he get the…

Started by Adithyan Rajeev

0 Aug 22, 2017

If aatma becomes free after body dies, then in hell how aatma is punished without body?

How aatma will feel pain of punishment without body in the hell?

Started by Nimish Sonar

7 Jul 27, 2017

In hell, how the freed aatma can feel the pain of punishment without body?

When we say for paap done by humans, they will suffer punishment in hell. Okay! But it is true that aatma gets separate after a body of hum…

Started by Nimish Sonar

0 Jul 21, 2017

Does bacteria have a soul?

Hare Krishna! These days I see a lot of food stuffs like Probiotic drinks that claim to contain billions of good bacteria which help in imp…

Started by Ankita Singh

6 Jul 14, 2017
Reply by Omshankar Tiwari


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